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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Laptop with dual ATI graphics cards - need help

    Thanks, Realzippy. I had vga_switcheroo working when using the open-source radeon video driver. However, with that driver the laptop would not resume after suspend. The only driver that gives me...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Laptop with dual ATI graphics cards - need help

    No, I've not been able to make any progress and am stuck using only the 3200 card. I also suspect the more powerful card is on all the time, using power, but am not sure how to test this.

    I also...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Laptop with dual ATI graphics cards - need help

    As a mixed bump and more info message, I've noticed that although lspci lists both cards, lshw doesn't.

    sudo lshw -C video

    description: VGA compatible...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10.10 64bits on MSI X420 (Atheros AR9285 wifi, dual ATI+Intel graphics, e

    Could you possibly say anything more about the kernel option to switch drivers? I also have a dual GPU laptop and would like to be able to switch between my GPUs. I don't mind restarting X (or even...
  5. [ubuntu] Laptop with dual ATI graphics cards - need help

    Hello all,

    I'm REALLY sorry if this is already covered somewhere - I *did* search but couldn't find a suitable answer.

    I have an HP Pavilion DM3 laptop which is running 10.10 Maverick almost...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu fails to startx or GDM after 10.10 upgrade

    I have the same issue. 10.10 was working fine on my Thinkpad, with integrated Intel graphics. As that laptop just died :-( I've moved to an HP laptop which has separate ATI graphics and get exactly...
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    Re: SSHFS AUTOmount on Feisty

    Ah! Yes, I'm using wicd. Sorry: I should have mentioned that. Right: that explains it.

    I've just had a hunt and found which mentions...
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    Re: SSHFS AUTOmount on Feisty

    Yes, they're 755.

    Good suggestion. I tried that and disconnected, then reconnected, my wifi connection. Nothing went into the file. Do I need to do something more dramatic than kill my wifi...
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    Re: SSHFS AUTOmount on Feisty

    Thanks for the quick reply, D.A.W.

    It doesn't seem to be working. I've used the scripts from this tutorial, but the directory doesn't automount when I boot up, and doesn't disconnect automatically...
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    Re: SSHFS AUTOmount on Feisty

    This tutorial has been extremely useful for me. However, my system doesn't seem to be calling the /etc/network/ip-up.d and /etc/network/if-down.d scripts. I can now mount my folder without a...
  11. [kubuntu] Can I automatically run a script when my computer loses a network connection?

    Hi there,

    I'm running Kubuntu 9.04 on a laptop. I have music and so on stored on a home server, which I mount into my filespace. That's all fine (although I had to learn a whole lot about Linux to...
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    [all variants] Dell E4200 and Jaunty, anyone?

    Hi all,

    I'm very tempted by the Dell E4200, but there seem to be some reports of choppy graphics from the Intel video. However, these reports are from earlier versions of Ubuntu (and so,...
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    [kubuntu] Re: Sound not Working in 9.4

    I have a very similar problem in 9.04. When I start the computer there is no sound. However, I've found that pressing my computer's MUTE/UNMUTE button twice, to mute then unmute the sound, turns the...
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    [kubuntu] Re: Kubuntu 9.04 shocked me

    I'm also running Kubuntu 9.04. If you're having wireless network problems they can usually be solved by replacing Network Manager with wicd. If you do "sudo apt-get install wicd" it should remove...
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    [kubuntu] How to turn Airport and Bluetooth on and off

    Greetings all!

    I'm very happily running Kubuntu on a 4,1 Macbook Pro. Just one thing: on battery I'm getting much lower life than when I run Mac OS on the same machine and I guess a big part of...
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