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    Re: How to install USB Sound Card?

    No problem. Just remember. With Ubuntu you hardly ever need to install additional drivers for your hardware. It really is just plug and play.
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    Re: How to install USB Sound Card?

    Select each one in turn and then click the Test Sound button, so you can see what each one does, and where the sound comes from.
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    Re: How to install USB Sound Card?

    Go to the top right part of the screen. You will se the sound icon, a loudspeaker. Click on it and you will see a menu with Sound Settings below.
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    Re: How to install USB Sound Card?

    Hi Birgit,

    Forget the CD for the moment. When you plug in the Sound Card, does it show up in the Sound Settings?
  5. [ubuntu] Re: GParted-created partition isn't getting used


    I do the same for my Videos and Music folders.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu didn't load

    FreeDOS might be able to run your program. It can be installed on a USB stick, or run in a virtual machine (QEMU comes to mind) in Ubuntu. Not sure if it would run on your hardware setup though...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: GParted-created partition isn't getting used

    As Impavidus said, the extra partition will not get automatically used. You will have to manually move stuff over to it, to make space on your root partition.
  8. Re: Erase disk and install Ubuntu - will this erase data on all drives?

    The output of fdisk -l shows that you only have one hard disk drive with three partitions on it.
    The option to erase disk and install ubuntu will reformat the drive, wiping out all the partitions...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Permission of external disk not changing ubuntu 13.04


    You say the permissions of the other partitions are not changing, even though you've tried a few things.
    What have you already tried?
    How are the other partitions formatted? FAT32, NTFS,...
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    Re: Create a stopwatch in wim

    That sounds like a fun project. Keep us up to date with your progress :popcorn:
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Why does wget output go to standard error?

    AFAIK there are three std*'s stdin, stdout and stderr.

    I can only guess that choosing stderr for regular output was done so as not to interferen with the progress output which is directed to...
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    Re: This toggle button is confusing

    It's only confusing if you think it through too much. I have the same issue with play/pause buttons on players. Is the icon I am seeing the current state or the effect if I press the button.

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    [ubuntu] Re: Permission restrictions

    No way to know now... What errors are you getting exactly?
  14. [SOLVED] Re: getting tixati (torrent client) to run without root

    Hi Toitovna,

    In that case, check the permissions on the the /mnt/teradrive/Downloads folder. Is the drive formatted as ext3/4 or as FAT32/NTFS? if the former you can change the permissions with
  15. [SOLVED] Re: getting tixati (torrent client) to run without root


    It seems you want your torrent files to download to the Downloads directory of a drive you've mounted in /mnt? How is this drive being mounted? Can you verify that when you startup your...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Permission restrictions

    From the sounds of it your user received a different uid from when you installed Ubuntu the first time. Usually this happens if you had more than one user in the previous install and you created the...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Hello all! Switching to Ubuntu from Windows 8 on a Samsung Laptop :)

    Should the OP not first try out Ubuntu on his hardware by way of a live USB / CD? I can imagine that SecureBoot complicates this too, but this link should provide the starting point for asking some...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Installing Ubuntu 12.10 in VirtualBox

    Are you trying to install Ubuntu from a physical CD / DVD / USB drive or are you using the ISO image file you downloaded?
    I would suggest that if you have the diskspace available, you create a new...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Help learning Ubuntu

    Welcome to the forums.

    There are a few ways to get music from your computer to your device. I guess your first try should be Rhythmbox. Your device should show up in the program once you connect...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Disk check after every shutdown with 12.10

    Have you already tried letting the disk check run its course? If you skip it, it will attempt to do so at the next boot in the way you describe.
  21. [SOLVED] Re: install Ubuntu in unallocated Win 7 partition.

    The above quote is causing me some concern. You mention four partitions, but you do not specify if any of them is a logical partition...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Seagate Expansion 3 TB External Hard Drive

    Your drive should work just fine with Ubuntu, straight out of the box. NTFS support should already inlcuded.

    If you're not sure, or want to double check (trust, but verify), then you could do the...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu live copy-saving files / retrieve

    The feature you are looking for is called persistence. If you've created your live USB using the USB creator tool in Ubuntu you can select how much MB's of your USB stick you want to dedicate to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: funky title bar problem

    Did you intend to add a screenshot?
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    [SOLVED] Re: Update/upgrade remotely

    Not all updates are applied with
    $ sudo apt-get upgrade Updates that would require installing new packages, or deļnstalling old ones are skipped. I am guessing that it is these kinds of updates...
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