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    Re: Runewin - Runescape Linux Client

    This is definitely an interesting little project here. If I could use it, I would definitely be giving some tips to you, especially for a bit of polish here and there. But alas, I cannot.

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    [ubuntu] Re: Omega sign showing up as W

    Does this page render properly?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Runescape SwiftKit - runtime error 5

    It'd probably be easier if you didn't bother with Swiftkit on Linux. It's not written to work with the platform, so don't try to pull your hair out over it.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Java, Frustration, Runescape HD, O My!

    When I made that post, I knew that the open source drivers wouldn't cut it - there's no 3D acceleration available with them. If glxgears won't run, then there's no way that a JOGL applet will run.
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    Re: HOWTO Fix A Buggy DSDT File

    Well...I don't know if mine would help (I'm guessing that mine was a special case), but I can attach it here. I'm still tinkering with it, looking and making sure that the IRQs get set properly.
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    Re: HOWTO Fix A Buggy DSDT File

    Hey there! I was recently fascinated by this post about two weeks ago, when I wanted to figure out the issues behind a misplaced IRQ, and why my laptop wasn't idling cool enough (54C idle is NOT...
  7. Re: Is Anyone Else Having RuneScape Problems In 9.04?

    Let's not consider this an option.

    I suppose the best option right now is to sit back and wait for the developers to fix this bug. That's all we can do, really.
  8. [all variants] Re: 9.04 USB Installation: "Boot Error" trying to boot from USB

    I've run into this problem, and I'm not sure of a workaround yet.

    I've formatted my USB partition (the one with the actual "iso") as FAT16, perhaps I should have went with FAT32.

    I also checked...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Bit Torrent drains bandwidth

    My guess is that your problem is self-evident. Bittorrent is causing your lags, so naturally, stopping it would restore your network speeds to normal.

    I haven't noticed hiccups when using...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex hangs on boot

    This bug is already in the works. The fix is to add "acpi=noirq" to your /boot/grub/menu.lst (specify the kernel), which works fine.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Shell Script: if statement confusion

    I don't know much about the environment, but from what I do remember about if statements:

    if [ statement ]; then

    //actions to perform

    I believe the else if statement is accomplished...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: HP dv2000 Laptop Overheating Issues - Ubuntu or Vista?

    I think that every sensor is working alright, it's just that laptops will run hot, regardless. If you're really paranoid, you can do a few steps to save yourself the worry:

    1) Contact Intel/AMD...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Compiz "Expo" plugin won't work at all

    Unfortunately, none of that is working. I dunno what to do at this point.
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Compiz "Expo" plugin won't work at all

    That still doesn't work.

    I tried to uninstall/reinstall it, didn't help matters much at all.

    Does anyone have any more ideas?
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Compiz "Expo" plugin won't work at all

    I still get this message, after trying what you said:

    /usr/bin/compiz.real (core) - Error: Couldn't load plugin 'expo'

    Not sure what to do at this point.
  16. [ubuntu] Compiz "Expo" plugin won't work at all

    Expo was working great up until a few months ago. I hadn't tinkered with it then since it really wasn't necessary, but I'd like to restore it short of a complete reinstallation of Compiz.

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    [ubuntu] Re: CDs won't appear on the Desktop

    Both are I tried entering a CD again to see if it'd appear on the desktop, and to no avail.

    EDIT: I found what to check. It was in System > Apps > Nautilus, but it was...
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    [ubuntu] Re: CDs won't appear on the Desktop

    That presented me with a (very) confusing dialogue, I'd appreciate a little more clarification! :)
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    [ubuntu] CDs won't appear on the Desktop

    I never had a problem with this before, but it seems that whenever I put a CD into the drive, it won't pop up an image on my Desktop.

    I dunno what's going on with it, and I don't think I did...
  20. Poll: Re: What is your age and what do you use ubuntu for?

    20 years old, I use Ubuntu Linux for programming, development, and stability reasons. I never thought that XP was stable enough, and I couldn't get used to Vista no matter how hard I tried.
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Java stealing the whole soundcard?

    Java just robs us of the sound card while we play RuneScape. It's destined, unfortunately. I *think* it's filed as a bug someplace, but for now, there's a neat little workaround that I've used. It...
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