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    [ubuntu] Re: emacs -fs eats the minibuffer

    Can I just add that this was bugging the hell out of me, but since reading your post, I mentally think "oh yes, the soul-crushing trouble" when I click maximise twice each time I launch Emacs, and...
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    multiuser login after Lucid upgrade

    OK, so the upgrade to 10.04 went well. Mostly.

    UNR + GDM.

    If I log in, then my partner logs into her a/c, I can't log back in. More correctly, I can log in, but after the password is accepted...
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    [all variants] Laptop as BT headset

    Is it possible to use a laptop's bluetooth to have it play the part of a stereo headset?

    I would like to route audio from my phone and have it play out the laptop speakers.

    Laptop is an HP...
  4. wake from sleep - screen blank (or backlight stays dark)

    I have an HP Mini 110 (1156-TU) with UNR 9.10.

    When waking from sleep, the backlight on the LCD stays dark. I can faintly see the screen image in the LCD. Hitting Fn+F4 (brightness++) triggers the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Anybody got a HP Mini 110 series netbook?

    I got an HP Mini 110, it's a 110-1156TU which means 250GB HD and 1GB RAM. (The plethora of model numbers for the 110 series is nuts!)

    Works lovely on Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 Karmic, also...
  6. [ubuntu] How to prefer CD for upgrade (minimising downloads)

    Hey, I just completed a network upgrade to 9.04 but I wish I'd known the best way to prefer the CD and download only required files.

    When loading the CD (9.04 live CD), it tried to autorun, but...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: making wireless work seamlessly for non-privileged user

    I'd still like to hear what the correct setup method is :)

    I'd only just installed, so I decided to try an experiment, and it seemed to work. What I did was:

    cd ~privilegeduser
    tar -cf - . |...
  8. Re: Recommended games and learning apps for autistic user

    He's seventeen.
  9. Recommended games and learning apps for autistic user


    I'd appreciate some game and educational tool recommendations for a specific user.

    My brother in law Keri is autistic. He's non-verbal, uses sign language and uses a DynaVox to speak.
  10. [ubuntu] making wireless work seamlessly for non-privileged user

    I am installing an Ubuntu 8.10 machine for a family, and by default want it to boot up to an unprivileged account for their son to use.

    When I log into Gnome using the account created during...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Edgy Repositories - Need to mirror from someone

    @teckhead -

    There is a method to build an install CD / DVD using APT - maybe someone can give us a pointer for you to use? I've never had to do this myself, I just pull things off the network,...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Edgy Repositories - Need to mirror from someone


    deb edgy main restricted
    deb-src edgy main restricted
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    Re: Migrating Xen images to ????

    I worked out an alternate approach, but haven't experimented with it too much yet.

    (Because Xen works fine for me, I keep shelving the experiments with VMWare etc.)

    In the alternate VM tech...
  14. Re: Skype 2.0 BETA for linux is here! Finally Video Conference!

    I grabbed the "Feisty" deb from Skype but it core dumped (I'm on Gutsy, they don't offer a Gutsy deb, and the feisty d/l is labelled "debian" anyway).

    It core dumped when trying to display the...
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    Migrating Xen images to ????

    We develop and host principally on Xen, and are very happy with it. In particular it offers us a broader range of support from hosting companies.

    I'd like to be able to take Xen images "on the...
  16. 48 hours with an Aiptek 12000U

    I got an Aiptek 12000U for the weekend. (I checked with the store that I can return it if it doesn't work with my required app.)

    Some notes, because this thread is way piecemeal and probably...
  17. Re: HOWTO: kprinter style printing dialogs for GNOME

    thanks for this howto. I was delighted to get a nice print dialog out of Xemacs with this:

    '(lpr-command "gtklp")
    '(ps-lpr-command "gtklp")
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    Re: HOWTO: Install Cups-PDF sure thing TuxCrafter :)
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    Alternative: using Terminal and CUPS web admin

    Hi, this didn't work for me (Edgy Eft; no printer drivers appeared in add printer dialog)

    So I did it like this:

    In Terminal,

    sudo apt-get -uf install cups-pdf
    sudo chmod u+s...
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    Re: Howto: install Windows in Ubuntu Hoary for free

    Don't put all nerds in the same basket, DEA. Some of us do know how to talk human tongues. And the ones who talk gibberish, they might sound holier-than-thou (as a rule of thumb, the more evangelical...
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    Re: Howto: install Windows in Ubuntu Hoary for free

    kQemu really does make a difference, yes.

    Tonight i decided i was bored of having no gTalk client on my linux box, and needed to get my audio working in either of the qEmu windozes i had set up.
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    Re: gzip trouble with apt-get update

    Ok, I feel a BIT silly spending so long to work this one out, maybe I can help someone else too. After trying LOTS and LOTS of mirrors, and satisfying myself that bzip2 and gzip worked Just Fine on...
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    Re: gzip trouble with apt-get update

    << Removing double post >>

    Short answer: no, it's not your apt, and it's not the repositories either :)

    Well, not for me. See below.
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    Re: gzip trouble with apt-get update

    Same issue here - fresh 5.10 with network updates enabled thru funky GUI in menu, then it faithfully downloads each Packages.gz file and spits the dummy about not being able to un-bzip2 said .gz...
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