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    Re: Can I run FIFA 20 on Ubuntu?

    Was able to run this in the past version, now I can't remember how I made it run, but if this works in the past it should still work until now (in theory), i hope i can run other games like valorant...
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    Re: Bluetooth not working properly.

    Hmm I haven't go into 19.1 still using 18.1, I encountered this pairing problem on my bluetooth speaker jbl and aomais sport ii similar issue it doesn't detect even it was a successfully paired. I...
  3. Re: Is the touch pad in Ubuntu as nice to use as in windows 10

    Yes it will I'm using a touchpad on my asus laptop I haven't found any difference when I'm using it on win10.
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    Re: League of Legends snap texture problem

    Did you install the software for your vid card? I'm thinking it was not properly installed or not yet installed.
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    Re: Have I been hacked/virus?

    I supposed the duration before it crashed was like about 30 mins? This happened to me on old version couple of times it freezes I thought I was hit by some virus but digging around I found out was a...
  6. Re: High CPU usage when playing youtube videos on Google Chrome

    You should try to install your NVIDIA GPU that will reduce the cpu usage.
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