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    Re: Need portfolio feedback!

    Actually I do include my blog. It's the wordpress icon on the left of the screen. Maybe I should make it more visible somehow.

    As about the android photo, I use it mostly to avoid prejudice just...
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    Need portfolio feedback

    I've put up a portfolio so would be keen in hearing some opinions from people who don't know me.
    I will use the portfolio when looking for internships/work in Computer Science.

    Some of my...
  3. Re: Wireless hardware button to trigger event on computer?

    Thanks for the answer. The thing is that the software is no problem. As long as I can get a wireless communication, I can make scripts or whatever.

    Doesn't the infrared need optical reach? Because...
  4. Wireless hardware button to trigger event on computer?

    Is there some kind of device with one or a few buttons that can communicate wireless with the computer or at least just send a single signal?
    I want to use this in-house to make a diary with the...
  5. [all variants] Playlist supporting start/end position of song?

    If I want to shorten a song in a m3u playlist I can just edit the duration
    tag of an individual song:

    #EXTINF:409, -

    #EXTINF:200, -
    so that the player plays half the song.

    Is there a...
  6. Design for connection of GUI - Application with sockets

    I have an application in python which is supposed to use a webpage as its GUI.

    The application is working continuously and outputting its data to the webpage via sockets(websockets). Data from the...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Screencasting with ffmpeg gives washed out colors

    The images were merely taken to show the quality of the videos(I try to screencast the terminal), not to look at the content.

    I managed to get around by using a lossless codec instead of x264. I...
  8. [ubuntu] Screencasting with ffmpeg gives washed out colors

    I use ffmpeg to record the whole screen with lossless quality. I run this command:

    ffmpeg -f alsa -ac 2 -i pulse -f x11grab -r 30 -s 1920x1080 -i :0.0 -acodec pcm_s16le -vcodec libx264 -preset...
  9. Ubuntu install on Samsung 5 hybrid (NP530U3C-A07)

    I made a small guide about installing Ubuntu on the NP530U3C-A07 which has a small SSD. This guide probably works with other models as well which share the same characteristics.
  10. [ubuntu] Re: VLC won't open sftp files after Karmic Upgrade

    The problem seems to be with the sftp folders not mounting in
    ~/.gvfs. A solution is to make the folder manually if not there and try mount it. Some help can be found here:...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: New Gazelle Professional - Centrino Advanced-N 6235 wireless issue

    What are the results? I have the same issue with a Samsung series-5. Many disconnects and slow internet at campus. Sometimes it works fine though.
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    Extended bachelor vs master

    I have completed 2 years of bachelor courses where the majority is courses in Computer Science. Now I find myself in a situation where I can take specific courses for the 1 remaining year and get a...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Can't boot Ubuntu after deleting random partition on other HDD

    Ok, I finally solved it by booting with a Live CD and using the tool boot-repair :P
  14. [SOLVED] Can't boot Ubuntu after deleting random partition on other HDD

    I got a new laptop(Samsung NP530U3C) which comes with 24GB of a SSD and a 500GB hard disk. I installed Ubuntu on the SSD and made a ext4 partition on the hard disk for saving media files. Boot...
  15. Blue(cyan lines) on screen after updating packages

    I ran an update yesterday and nvidia got upgraded. Now I see cyan horizontal lines down the whole screen.

    manos@megistanas:/var/log$ cat apt/term.log | grep nvidia
    Preparing to replace...
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    Re: Why hate on Apple?

    I don't see any flamebate. Just some arguments going around. I myself don't like Apple because of it's locking and the too much hype. However maybe there are other things I never thought of when it...
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    Why hate on Apple?

    Why do some people hate Apple that much?
    Is there a big difference between Apple and Microsoft?
  18. [ubuntu] Re: VLC won't open sftp files after Karmic Upgrade

    Same problem here on my Lubuntu which is based on Ubuntu Oneiric.
    I can't stream video files via sftp on VLC but I can with other movie players like Dragon Player.
  19. [SOLVED] Re: Wireless DL very slow (Ralink RT2860/Realtek RTL8111)

    Any update on the matter? I have the same issue on eee901 with Lubuntu :/
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    Re: Compile actionscript3 on Ubuntu?

    Agreed. However there are some ridiculous issues still out there that don't let people go with just HTML5/JavaScript.

    One example is the <audio> tag which in browsers like Firefox can't play mp3!...
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    Compile actionscript3 on Ubuntu?

    I have been fighting all day long with the Flash demons. I have a small actionscript that I want to compile to a .swf file.

    I tryied to compile and install swftools but I constantly run into...
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    Stream videos via nice-looking web gui?

    I have a headless debian server where I have stored 200+ movies. The same machine acts as my private server for my portfolio, testing, etc.

    Now I was wondering, if instead of opening the movies...
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    [SOLVED] Re: 8-bit art on Ubuntu

    How would Inkscape work in doing bitmaps? :confused:
  24. Re: Snapping a picture in-game and copyright issues

    But what about shirts with Star Wars, Karate Kid, Tron etc? Have all these people obtained a license for making such shirts? I doubt it :-s
  25. Snapping a picture in-game and copyright issues

    I snapped some pictures from a SNES game. Then I manipulated the images to make stamps for T-shirt. Do I have the right to sell T-shirts with these stamps?
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