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  1. [all variants] My R705 success story (and battery "memory" fix ?)

    Thanks for all the info in this thread, I found it incredibly useful, so here is my feedback and R705 success story. Hope I can help and inspire someone as you people did with me:

    Got a R705 for...
  2. Taller Fotodocumental Sonoro con Software Libre Portatil

    Buenas buenas gente, esta es para contarles que el taller mencionado en el
    encabezado, se impartirá en seis sesiones de tres horas como curso de extensión de la UCR a partir del 20 de Julio....
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Toshiba Satellite M505D-s4970 Wireless and Fan Control

    Having the very same issue with a friends Toshiba U505 Laptop. The fan ONLY comes on AFTER returning from suspension... She forgets the suspension trick, lets the laptop all alone and a couple of...
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    Lubuntu si ya conoces Ubuntu Gnome

    Lubuntu es la nueva adición a la familia de distros de Ubuntu. Es una distribución solicitada por el proyecto Ubuntu. Utiliza un entorno gráfico llamado LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) o...
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    Re: Sondeo de usuarios Linux

    Regresando al tema original. Acabo de inscirbirme en el Linux Counter, soy el usuario registrado numero 512912 y como uso y promuevo el software libre desde Agosto 2007, tarde casi tres años en...
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    [lubuntu] Re: change keyboard language

    I tried several keyboard-layout switching hacks for Lubuntu 10.04 and what finally did it for me was to add the following two lines

    Option "XkbLayout" "us,es"
    Option "XKbOptions"...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Which ubuntu on an XP machine?

    I have installed Lubuntu 10.04 on a Dell C400 (2001), Dell XPS M1210 (2005), and Dell XPS M1530 (2007). I expected issues reported under Ubuntu Karmic but other than a couple of fstab lines on the...
  8. [lubuntu] Lubuntu Software installation & getting Windows back in boot menu

    To install software in Lubuntu just go to SOFTWARE MENU > PREFERENCES > SYNAPTIC PACKAGE MANAGER (the very same app used for any and all members of the XXbuntu family).

    Lubuntu 10.04 uses Grub2....
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