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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Brand New Replacement 128GB Kingston SSD getting 'failing' report by Disk Utility

    Good morning....
    I am having a simialr problem, except one step earlier.

    I have the same Kingston 128 SSD and am trying to install ubuntu onto a Netbook. I have Ubuntu on a USB stick.

    If I...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: I've stuffed my Banshee and it will not open / work.

    Shantiq, thanks for this.
    In the end I got it working. Yours were the last things I did, because I also noticed afterwards that I was running on a 98% full hd. So, that may have been the reason it...
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    [ubuntu] Installation onto an SSD / Netbook

    So, I have an old netbook I want to invigorate with an SSD Drive. Because it is a Netbook the SSD will be the only drive.
    I have run Ubuntu via a bootable USB stick so I know Ubuntu will work. I run...
  4. [ubuntu] I've stuffed my Banshee and it will not open / work.

    I've stuffed up my Banshee. This is what I did.

    I was 're-scanning' my folders for new audio and, at the same time, I deleted / emptied my trash.
    Banshee crashed.

    When I restart Banshee I get...
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    [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Applications with no edges....

    [SOLVED] Not sure how to describe this, but in the last week or so most of the applications I am using seem to have lost their borders.
    This includes the maximise / minimise and x to close.
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    [ubuntu] I am at work : Can not connect

    When I am in the office I can not connect to the Ubuntu 'package update' service. I am on the web through the proxy [I am in the office now as I write this!] so I now that works.
    I have updated /...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Window goes out of screen

    Basically, I have the same issue.
    Apps' such as Thunderbird or Evolution are bigger than the screen, in so far as the scroll arrows are 'below the bottom of the screen' so can't be used.
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