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  1. [ubuntu] Turn off the Pin thing on the side

    Is there a way in Unity (or Unity2D) to turn off the icon pins junk on the left in unity? At least hide them I guess. I kind of like the space saving of moving the menu-bar from programs to the very...
  2. [all variants] Getting to the marketplace: Andriod VM

    Anyone here know how to setup an Android emulator running from Eclipse to be able to access the Android Marketplace? I am a little confused about it.

    Edit: this is here because I figured it was...
  3. [all variants] Re: Recomendations for USB monitor and/or USB Touchscreen Overlay

    Yearly BUMP
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    [lubuntu] Re: No F1 - F12 terminals (12.04+lxde)

    Yeah, my bad, I meant ctrl+alt+Functionkey

    It is an nvidia card, or at least NVidia-based. The exact card is a EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW. I would have mentioned the card, but I didn't think it...
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    [lubuntu] No F1 - F12 terminals (12.04+lxde)

    I am using Ubuntu 12.04LTS + lxde meta deb pack, so I am not sure if the cause is LXDE, but when I press one of the function keys to drop down to terminal to resolve a faulty program or crash, all...
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    Andriod Dev. using Ubuntu

    Just wondering what resources people recommend for Android Development using Ubuntu. I am just starting - right now - so any advice on setting up a solid building system would be appreciated. While I...
  7. Re: Reading through "Autotools: A practitioner's guide"

    If your system is not configured already to treat make with bash, can you use something like: CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash ?
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    [ubuntu] Re: 12.04 low graphics mode

    Note that there may be other reasons for lgm than the graphics card/drivers. Insufficient resources (or reporting as such), permission problems, file IO, etc.

    What does the system report when it...
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    Re: The UN-WORD Association Thread!

  10. [ubuntu] Re: Sony VPCF1 Keyboard Backlight Issue

    Please provide a link to where you read about this, as I am unfamiliar with this hardware.

    I have not heard of this issue before. What method of installing are you using? Are you using...
  11. Re: Reading through "Autotools: A practitioner's guide"

    Where is jupiter-1.0.tar.gz? The makefile defaults to using "distdir".tar.gz, first trying to unzip/untar it.

    distdir is defined as $(package)-$(version), so the file would be:...
  12. Re: deciding between autotools, scons, and cmake



    Check out autotools/GNU build system. This is fairly ubiquitous, even if its rather old. Note that this does not mean its the best. Just what I personally found useful to know. You...
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    Physics Library C/C++ Suggestions

    What do people here prefer and why for their physics engine when writing a simulation, 3D game, etc? So far I know of Bullet, PAL, Open Dynamics Engine (ODE), Tokamak, and Newton.

    while I prefer...
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    Sticky: Re: Maine Ubuntu Users

    Please start another thread with all your specs, OSes, concerns and problems, and then post a link to it here. I will do my best to help
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    Sticky: Re: Maine Ubuntu Users

    I assume that the bootloader is grub (link), so you could always just install it directly. While I have not done Linux-from-scratch for several years, I'm sure it can only be even easier than it used...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Take advantage of 32Gb Ram (suggestions)

    I plan to run boinc in the down time. On that note, any suggestions for running it via virtual machine?
  17. [ubuntu] Take advantage of 32Gb Ram (suggestions)

    For the first time ever I am aware of my computer's slow hard-drive. While I can't afford to get a new solid-state hard-drive, I have a huge amount of ram in this machine. How would people recommend...
  18. [all variants] Hardware for new computer? (GFX-intense)

    Hey fellow ubuntu-forums forumers,

    all my computer equipment is at newest ~6 years old and I am looking to upgrade. I do CPU and GPU super-intensive work, including professional 3D modelling via...
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    Re: Things that you hate in Ubuntu

    The fact that Ubuntu ditched stability in the last couple versions. There were a bunch of GREAT updates many of which were needed, but things like

    UNITY not working right on every computer
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I had switched completely until all the problems with Unity and Flash. Now I am forced to use an old glitchy winxp machine when I need to test compatibility of my software or do critical computation...
  21. makefile for any extention main.c .cpp .C .cc etc...

    How do you make a Makefile be able to use any of the various c/c++ filename extensions (.c, .C, .c++, .cpp, etc...), provided they all start with "main" but not "main.h" and still name the compiled...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Fix & sync Colors accross 2 Monitors

    Any ideas?
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Official gnome Applications menu in Unity?

    Thank you 'Frogs Hair'. It is unfortunate that the Unity devs didn't plan for compatibility.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Canon MF4350d - Printer Scanner setup

    Just set it up properly on a virtual machine, and then never worry about it again
  25. [ubuntu] Official gnome Applications menu in Unity?

    Is there an official Unity lens or icon which complies with the well established gnome applications menu?
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