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    [SOLVED] Re: Can't boot into ubuntu, grub error

    I tried the 'ATA disk support' option in boot-repair but it did not fix the problem. The error changed to 'no such device: 29106...'. The device id for the partition was correct tho.
    I also hunted...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can't boot into ubuntu, grub error

    i did tick the option for different /boot,

    If i need to put /boot in the first partition on the external drive, how can i do it? . its an ntfs partition.

    Also i am running ubuntu live cd via...
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    [SOLVED] Can't boot into ubuntu, grub error

    I just installed ubuntu 12.04 on an external hard disk but grub was not configured properly dusring install so i have been unable to boot into ubuntu yet.

    I manually partitioned the external 1tb...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Torrent client cooperation between 2 dualbooting OSes (XP/Ubuntu)

    umm with the method i described above, i can add torrents to deluge either from win or ubuntu + there is no file rechecking involved as both clients use the same location to store exit state so the...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Torrent client cooperation between 2 dualbooting OSes (XP/Ubuntu)

    ok, i found a solution to this, heres what i needed to do..

    create another link to teh download drive in my home directory..

    i created a directory called
    and inside it...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Torrent client cooperation between 2 dualbooting OSes (XP/Ubuntu)

    I tried this with deluge and it kinda works, but i have to show deluge the storage location for the files each time i reboot because windows stores the patch as "D:\storage\.." and ubuntu as...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Trouble downloading driver for Netgear wg311 v3

    I have the same wifi card, and have the the instructions and the drivers packed ina file on my comp to set it up after each ubuntu install--

    Download the following zip file ---
    it has
    - 2...
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    [ubuntu] ati driver install gives blank window

    i just downloaded the .run file from ati's website but when i run it i get a blank grey window

  9. Re: Howto: Gyachi - Yahoo! messenger, Webcam, room voice chat, photo sharing

    that link is boken.. it dnlds a 17kb deb package!

    i have installed this package on my laptop which has a built in v4l2 cam. now when i try to start my webcam in gyachi it gives the following...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Screen Res Weirdness

    try the following command--

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

    it will ask a bunch of questions.. answer them as best as u can..
    and don't worry about getting them wrong.. just pick the...
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    Re: Howto: Backup and restore your system!

    its not exactly 'hidden', its actually in the the 1st post itself...
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    Re: MethLab: A Player Independent Music Library

    hey thanks to whoever created methlab.. i have been using it with audacious over the last few months, no problems whatsoever!

    one small feature i would like added is the ability to adjust the...
  13. Re: Skype 2.0 BETA for linux is here! FINALLY VIDEO CONFERENCE!

    thanks for providing the link..
    but in order to install the patched version of the driver that sebtv provided i will have to remove the driver i already have installed.. unfortunately i do...
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    Re: HOWTO: Installing Maya 7.0

    ooops... i hit a road block
    although the installation had gone smoothly .. never produced any errors.. and i can use maya now ... every tool i tried is working perfectly....
    but the problem is that...
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    maya 2008 works!!

    i have installed maya 2008 here on my system .. and it is working without a hitch.. no crashes.. rendering proper.... w+lmb fixed

    thanks for the great howto... even let a linux noob like me do...
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