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    [ubuntu] Re: Volume wavers on audio playback

    Okay, upon further testing when I had the time, it seems it's doing this wavering for everything. I tried setting everything back to 2.0 or 2.1 analog duplex but it still occurs.

    EDIT: I have the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Volume wavers on audio playback

    I might have narrowed it down. I went to OCRemix to grab a random song to experiment on and the only time the volume started wavering was after passing it through QtGain like I have for the rest of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Volume wavers on audio playback

    I know it's not DRM because my stuff is in FLAC and OGG with some MP3 files from UbuntuOne, so I can rule that one out. I'll poke at the sound settings because I'm using a 5.1 speaker set and it...
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    [ubuntu] Volume wavers on audio playback

    I have begun to notice that whenever I play audio files of any file format or with any media player that the audio will dip and rise in volume at a regular intervals. I'm not sure if I inadvertently...
  5. [ubuntu] Ampache transcoding issue, or gstreamer being a pain?

    I've been messing around with ampache and it will show up in a browser over the internet, allow me to download songs, but whenever I try to use any of the streaming options that I was looking forward...
  6. Re: Trouble with ATSC signals in 9.10 using a PCTV HD 800i

    I just did a fresh install of Mythbuntu 10.04 and I still have this problem, but now it mocks me. A command-line only channel scanning tool I installed from the repos called w-scan can apparently...
  7. Trouble with ATSC signals in 9.10 using a PCTV HD 800i

    This card is driving me nuts! Linux sees it, MythTv sees it, and TVTime can use the NTSC, Composite, and S-Video connections, but it refuses to pick up or use ATSC channels. Anybody have this...
  8. [all variants] Re: Recover photos off a Oylmpus Stylus 710 xD Card

    Yep, that's all I've done in PhotoRec each time I tried different settings
  9. [all variants] Recover photos off a Oylmpus Stylus 710 xD Card

    I need help Recovering photos on a Olympus Stylus 710 camera. The card's data had been accidentally erased before it could be uploaded to a pc. Is there anything I can do or does all of Olympus's...
  10. [all variants] Re: How can I add my Ubuntu 9.10 entry to another GRUB setup?

    Okay, how would I go about installing GRUB2 over the GRUB Legacy setup? I know how to install legacy, but i've read it's a different process this time.

    Also Ubuntu's documentation on upgrading...
  11. [all variants] How can I add my Ubuntu 9.10 entry to another GRUB setup?

    My problem is this, I decided to try Pardus since I had the disk space available and learned that it never created a entry for Ubuntu 9.10 64-Bit. I have tried many different boot options and have...
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    Re: Garry's Mod 10 Menu Glitch

    Well I almost solved it, a quick script to turn it from a hold command to toggle fixes it, but it will not be like it is originally. I found the workaround at the WineAppDB a month ago.
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Touchpad on XPS M1530 not recognized in 9.04

    Well consider this solved, 9.10 corrected this big issue without me having to do anything to it.
  14. [ubuntu] Nvidia-settings Seperate xserver configuration question

    I haven't had any luck finding out by searching this forum, but how do I switch between xserver sessions setup via the seperate xserver configuration?

    I want to have my laptop display and my new...
  15. [ubuntu] wiifuse won't mount or run correctly

    I'm posting this in the general section since I have no idea where else it fits in, so heres the problem...

    I can't get wiifuse-0.2.0 to run in Ubuntu 9.10 64-Bit or with the help of getlibs, the...
  16. Re: How can I make a Debian package to install my theme?

    Thanks for your help, I found a program called Debian Package Builder that will handle most of it, only problem is what I should have for the scripts. I want to install a sound set to...
  17. How can I make a Debian package to install my theme?

    I know it sounds weird, but I would like to know what I have to do to build a Debian package for installing a theme for Gnome. I've seen it done in the repos but have no idea how to dissect them and...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Xubuntu inside VirtualBox 2.2.4 can't find VBox shares

    Will do.

    EDIT: After removing and installing Virtual Box to update it to 3.0.6, Xubuntu decided it had gone through enough and messed up some network stuff, so that broke any chance of sharing...
  19. [ubuntu] Xubuntu inside VirtualBox 2.2.4 can't find VBox shares

    I have used virtualBox before and loved being able to use XP without restarting for small windows only tasks. Well this month I had decided to build a distro based off Xubuntu but with a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Splashy Won't Install - broken package

    I'm getting this in Xubuntu, but it doesn't have dkpg, but gdebi, and the version of synaptic it has lacks a clear cache button. any other way to get it to retry installing it? For the life of me I...
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    Re: Osu! running under WINE?

    Acutally if you follow this (And backup your wine stuff should it fail), [ ] you will have a chance at it working.

    It hasn't ran correctly on my...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: How can I access my 9.04 partition from 64-Bit Vista?

    Okay, after using a tool which i found here that can tell what is causing the drive to not be detected. It said the inode size is too big and has to be smaller for it to work.

    The bad news is to...
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    Garry's Mod 10 Menu Glitch

    After getting Source games to work in Wine with 9.04, I was really excited to try Garry's Mod 10 out in it, so far it is stable as can be, but has a one rather large issue that I can't fix

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    [ubuntu] Re: double login

    I'm getting this with Jaunty now too. I have a bit more detail about it though, I got a xserver error that stated it was told to run on the same monitor twice. Also after getting a few 3D games in...
  25. Re: Second Life 1.21.6 keeps dissconnecting from wireless network

    Well the latest copy of GreenLife Emerald fixed this and 9.04 possibly squashed this bug flatter than soda that was open for a month. If it resurfaces I'll gather the new information on it.
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