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    [SOLVED] Re: Network server or WAN server

    For two people, I would just suggest using Google Calendar and Google Contacts. You're on Android devices anyway, so it's not a big leap to start using those products. There's no need to reinvent the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Digital Signage Implementation

    Look up RiseVision. It's free and has an installable player for Ubuntu.
  3. Re: Fresh install of Ubuntu receiving out of range IP addresses

    If you can't get Wireshark to work, then you could log into the router and view the list of DHCP leases that it handed out. If your Linux boxes aren't listed, then there's definitely another DHCP...
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    Re: Help me get Ubuntu working

    I would suggest installing Ubuntu as a virtual machine first before trying to dual boot. It's generally safer that way. You could use Virtualbox, Vmware, etc. to set up the virtual machine.

  5. Re: Fresh install of Ubuntu receiving out of range IP addresses

    It's not that Linux is more or less susceptible. It's about which DHCP server responds to the client requests first.

    What DHCP server are you using? Are you assigning IPs based on mac addresses?...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: [LTSP] Lot of multiple application on one user.

    The user probably has many instances of Firefox open. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Also, fully utilizing the RAM is not a bad thing either. It is bad when you start swapping a lot to the swap...
  7. Re: Fresh install of Ubuntu receiving out of range IP addresses

    You may have a rogue dhcp server on your network.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Apache redirect to folder

    From what I've been reading on mediawiki, the recommended setup is to have the /wiki as part of the URL. They warn against shortening the URL. But they also provide some direction on how to do short...
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    Re: can't get ssl to work properly

    Any notable messages in the apache logs or syslog?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Apache redirect to folder

    What about changing the DocumentRoot to point straight at the wiki directory?
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    Re: Removing virtual ip interfaces

    Here is Docker's documentation on Docker networking:

    Seems virbr0 and docker0 are automatically created when you install Docker
  12. [other] Re: nm-applet does not show wireless networks after resuming from suspend

    Had this problem a few months ago with an Intel 7265 card. I don't have a fix, but here's the workaround I used.

    Create the file /etc/systemd/system/wifi-resume.service which contains the...
  13. Re: can I increase RAM memory or is it full already?

    Looks like it will support up to 8GB
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    [ubuntu] Re: Frequent dhcp requests?

    All that stuff is your computer getting network information from the DHCP server at It shouldn't be disruptive, though. You could set your DHCP lease time for longer than 30 minutes....
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    Re: Removing virtual ip interfaces

    You need a bridge to connect your container to the outside, hence virbr0. docker0 is the virtual nic of the container. Anyway, check /etc/network/interfaces to see if it's specified there.
  16. Re: USB Ubuntu formatted my Windows to ext4 without my knowledge

    Sounds like you accidentally set your windows partition to be the swap space for the Ubuntu install. A default Ubuntu installation only takes up about 5-6GB, so there was (still is) plenty of space...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Bind 9 Cannot Restart

    You probably have set the logging parameters somewhere else in that file or in another file. Check all your conf files for bind to see where you have logging set up.
  18. Re: cleanly switch domain names to split website on server

    So if I'm understanding correctly, you want to change the domain from to [newdomain].com? Just change the ServerName to [newdomain].com
  19. [SOLVED] Re: How safe is the "Desktop Sharing" remote access protocol?

    Desktop sharing uses VNC. Only the username and password used to make the connection are secured, the rest of the session is not. If you trust all your users on the local network, then it's fine to...
  20. Re: Failure to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 - device boot failure

    You may have to disable secure boot in the bios.
  21. [kubuntu] Re: Which is the best GUI software to local backup user folder and files?

    Rsync is good for that. For GUI, use grsync
  22. Re: One server, two gateways, and two networks.

    Yeah, it will work. You might also want to set up virtual NICs with two VLANs on the server's internal port, and then trunk the Cisco port to which the server is connected. The Cisco switch then will...
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    Re: Remmina Fullscreen

    Edit your preferences for your saved remote connection. Change the Resolution to "Use client resolution". Alternatively, choose a custom resolution, then click on the options button (...), and within...
  24. [server] Re: 2 network card with 2 diffrent gateway

    Sounds more like a networking issue than a server issue. Your second IP is a private IP, so it's not routable over the Internet. If you have another vps within the same 10.201.x.x local network, you...
  25. Re: Installed postfix to new server, cannot connect from remote client

    By default, postfix is configured to allow smtp access to the server itself. You can change that by setting postfix for SASL to authenticate remote clients and/or setting up a trusted network for...
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