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  1. Re: Good projects for someone new to Linux?

    My first home project with Ubuntu was a HTPC. I started with Plex & XBMC (Kodi now) and just grew from there. Since you are hands on I suggest you use the command line as much as possible. For me it...
  2. [ubuntu] Bluetooth sound skips after being paused for a few minutes

    I am having a weird issue with my LG HBS800 headset. I will have play back errors with sound after I pause music, movies, Netflix, etc.. for a few minutes or if I don't start listening to something...
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    Re: Chromebook - Bootable USB Stick

    After I flashed that BIOS I didn't have any issues getting the OS installed. I would check your boot disk. I used LiLi USB Boot Creator from a Win7 machine. I have also had luck with just dd'ing the...
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    Re: Chromebook - Bootable USB Stick

    Not sure if this will work for you, but I needed to flash my BIOS on my Acer C7 Chromebook to get Ubuntu installed. It has been about 2 years since I did this, so if you have questions I might be...
  5. Re: Question for Dual- Booters (Which OS do you use most)?

    I used to dual boot. I bought the Linux Bible and started working with Ubuntu and other distros more than Windows. I stopped booting Windows and just made the switch to Ubuntu for everything in the...
  6. Re: Do Chromebooks Make Good Linux Laptops?

    I am actually running 14.04 32bit on a Acer C7 Chromebook. I use this as my daily driver. Personally I don't mind the performance issues. I am not trying to play games on this. Most of the servers I...
  7. Re: Do most routers use open-source or proprietary software?

    I think most routers tend to be closed source. I think it comes from the mindset of security through obscurity. Since people don't have access to the code, the router will be more secure.

    I have...
  8. Re: I think I saw a version of ubuntu in virgin airlines

    It doesn't surprise me that airlines would be using Linux. They need to reduce cost anyway they can, and reducing software licenses can save a lot of money yearly.
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    Re: 5G coming..........

    If you are will Verizon, expect them to push the new 5G phones (without true 5G coverage) only to stop supporting them 3 months later because new industry standards are created. This will be a big...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: HDMI connected display doesn't work as expected

    Any luck getting this resolved?
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    Re: Which "Windows" (7, 8, or 10)?

    Your plan should work. I did something similar with my home PC to try Windows 10. I didn't have any issues running Win10 on VirtualBox. I realized that Windows 10 wasn't for me and deleted the VM.
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    Re: Which "Windows" (7, 8, or 10)?

    If you are going to be dual booting, I say stick with 8.1 if you can find it. If you are going to wipe and start fresh, get the latest and greatest. MS is doing a huge push to get everyone to Win10....
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    Re: Stay 14.04 LTS or go 15.10?

    Not sure if this is an option, but can you build a VM with 15.10? My daily driver is 14.04, but I have a few VMs with 15.10. This way I can test the OS to see if my apps will work, issues I might run...
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    Re: What's your favorite pointing device?

    Been using a Logitech M570 for years. My wife even went out an bought one since she prefers it over a standard mouse:
  15. [ubuntu] Re: HDMI connected display doesn't work as expected

    I had similar issues with my desktop, I was able to resolve them by adjusting the resolution for my secondary monitor (LG 42" tv). For some reason Ubuntu was detecting it as 1080 rather than a 720. ...
  16. Re: Is there some restriction for upload speed in Ubuntu server ?

    I am running into similar issues with my home network. Do you know which settings I would need to tweak? Or if you have a link to something that I could read about the settings would be fine.
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    Re: Touchpad Problems on Acer C7

    I found that snyaptiks solved much of my issues with the trackpad. No matter which settings I used the touchpad would always stay on and it made typing a pain. The speed was decent, but it wasn't...
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    [SOLVED] Re: [ChrUbuntu] Acer C7 HDMI Out Sound Help

    I am running 12.04 so this might be different from your system. The only time that I can change the HDMI Out is when I am connected with a HDMI cable. Once I am connected to my TV I am able to...
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