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  1. What file system do you use for flashdrives?

    This question popped into my head when my flashdrive, originally with an NTFS partition got corrupted and I was forced to reformat the drive. This gave me an idea, there are many file formats out...
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    Re: Ubuntu 18.04

    Hope you enjoy your stay in the Linux realm :). Do you want to upgrade it to the latest LTS release, 20.04?
  3. Re: Best version for old Pentium 4, 686, with a 20GB HD

    You could still use modern distributions like Tiny Core (not based on Ubuntu). There will always be a distro that can run on even the lowest of specs.
  4. Re: how would ubuntu be like in two, five and ten years from now?

    It would still be around and would make even more improvements.
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    Re: Roblox on Linux?

    Roblox is closed source; source code is not readily available and cannot be modified by others who aren't part of the development team, even if that were to be possible, it would be up to the...
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    Re: Is ubuntu 2004 lighter than 1804?

    I would say Ubuntu 20.04 given the improvements the GNOME developers have made to it since its previous iteration from 18.04. On idle, it runs around 500 MB as opposed to 700 MB previously.
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    Re: Is this first time user exp normal???

    Not really. Though most problems I had with Linux and the BSDs came mostly from the Nvidia drivers. In my case, a simple kernel upgrade fixed the issue. If I may ask have you enabled Nvidia's...
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    Sticky: Hello, New User Here.

    Hello fellow comrades, I am generally new to Linux, as I have only used it since last December, and wanted to take a chance to greet the forums. I'm 20 years old from the island of Trinidad and...
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