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  1. [SOLVED] Re: How can I add msftdata flag to an ext4 partition?

    Solution as follows:

    1-run Gdisk from CLI
    2-select disk (in my case it was /dev/sda)
    3-select partition (in my case 4)
    4-select "t" to change a partitions "type" code
    5-enter "0700"
  2. [SOLVED] Re: How can I add msftdata flag to an ext4 partition?

    BTW, it appears that one can't manage this flags in gparted without an update/patched version of parted. Current version 2.3 doesn't allow for this.
  3. [SOLVED] Re: How can I add msftdata flag to an ext4 partition?

    Yes, the software should work with ext4. Apparently Windows 10 is finicky, hence the need to alter the flag. I did comment on a the Ext2FSD project page in reply to the user who had discovered the...
  4. [SOLVED] How can I add msftdata flag to an ext4 partition?

    I have moved my partitions around to make room for dualboot, and now Windows 10 is on sda1 and sd2, with my linux install on sda3 (boot) and sda4 (home). I would like to access sda4 from my Windows...
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    [ubuntu] Inkscape on Ubuntu Server 12.04

    I am using FusionCharts within a PHP app and it offers an option of allowing users to render the onscreen charts as downloadable PDF, PNG, etc... In their current version they offer a solution that...
  6. iFrames are Clipping On Server A, Not on Server B

    We have cloned a PHP-based web app from one Ubuntu 12.04 LAMP server to another. We've made some modifications on the database records side, but environment wise, both sites are the same (there maybe...
  7. Change Default Wine Browser to Native Default

    I'm using Evernote installed via Wine. I worked extensively with Everpad and NixNote and neither were stable enough to rely on, hence my decision to run the official Evernote client.

    By default,...
  8. [ubuntu] No Suspend Option in Ubuntu 14.04 with Cinnamon 2.2

    I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 13.10 with Cinnamon 2 to Ubuntu 14.04 with Cinnamon 2.2 I no longer have the option to Suspend from the shutdown menu. Closing the lid will not suspend the system...
  9. [xubuntu] Re: How to Gracefully Shutdown w/ an On/off Switch, Not a Traditional Power Button

    The BIOS doesn't have a wake on LAN option... although there was something to do with wake and USB and I disabled it.

    For grins I tried to shutdown via terminal (sudo shutdown now)... the display...
  10. [xubuntu] How to Gracefully Shutdown w/ an On/off Switch, Not a Traditional Power Button

    I have an Adlink ReadyBox 850 1U industrial type machine that initially came with windows (I swapped out the hard drive). This type of machine is typically used for signage type applications.

  11. [ubuntu] Cinnamon Panel Calendar Doesn't Refresh Time

    Am running Cinnamon 2.2 on Ubuntu 14.04. I've tried both the default calendar panel applet, and the world calendar panel applet, and had some difficulties with the applet appearing at all, regardless...
  12. [ubuntu] OK to install Mate 1.8 on a Machine that already has Cinnamon 2.2 on Ubuntu 14.04

    I'd like to play with Mate, and my current default is Cinnamon 2.2. I don't have Unity or Gnome Shell. Will I screw anything up by adding Mate?
  13. Gnome System Monitor App Appears without Borders or Decorations

    Am running 14.04 with Cinnamon; however, after the upgrade, the gnome-system-monitor app appears without a borders or decorations per the attached screenshot. I logged in as a different user, and it...
  14. Re: Configure Cinnamon 2.2 Screensaver and Lock Screen

    I found a way to disable the lock screen in dconf, but I'm going to use this solution for now until I come up with something better:

    I disabled the inbuilt...
  15. Configure Cinnamon 2.2 Screensaver and Lock Screen

    I recently upgrade to 14.04 with Cinnamon 2.2. Previously when I locked my screen there was a black background with the time showing in front of it (time was white against the black). After the...
  16. [ubuntu] Cinnamon Bottom Panel is starting in the wrong position

    Inexplicably, the bottom panel of Cinnamon 2 under Ubuntu 13.10 has migrated about 1/3 way up from the bottom at login. If I restart Cinnamon, it moves back to the bottom. I tried resetting to the...
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    Annotating Screencast Video

    What's a good tool to use to annotate a screencast that's already been captured (e.g. annotations don't have to live)...
  18. [ubuntu] How do I Allow gDevilspie to Close/Minimize an App only at startup, but allow it open

    I am trying to use gDevilspie to close an autostart application that is configured to remain running but be closed to the notification tray. Unfortunately, this works, but for obvious reasons,...
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    [ubuntu] Mint-X Controls and Cinnamon Theme

    I'm trying to convert over my former Ubuntu Gnome desktop to something that more closely resembles Mint Petra without having to reinstall :-)

    I've been mostly successful; however, the "controls"...
  20. [UbuntuGnome] WICD Panel Icon Doesn't Show at Startup, but Can be Launched Manually

    I installed WICD on 13.10 w/Gnome Shell as an attempt to speed up slow wireless throughput.

    I've put wicd-gtk --tray as a startup application, and it doesn't not appear in the panel at startup. If...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How do I reduce the size of a VDI?

    Yes, you are right regarding the resize error. I fixed that, but I couldn't get this to work either with this command, or various clone/compact CLI commands in Ubuntu. I ended up shrinking the...
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    [ubuntu] How do I reduce the size of a VDI?

    I have a Windows guest that is currently 30GB and I have reduced the amount of space it uses within the guest (it's XP). It would be better if it was 15 GB. The original is dynamically allocated and...
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    [ubuntu] How do I move Boot to a New mSATA Drive?

    I purchased an mSATA drive that I'm going to install into my Thinkpad X230. In my current setup, I have two partitions: a boot+OS partition sda1 and /home (sda2). I ant to move everything from sda1...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Skype video calls always crashing.

    I haven't been recording the crashes or looking at the logs as they occur, but will pay attention next time. It's intermittent for me... I can keep a video call going for a while, but then it will...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Skype video calls always crashing.

    I'm having similar issue on 13.10 w/ Video calls randomly crash... I can be going for 30+ minutes sometimes and then it just dies. I just tried some of the settings suggested in this thread...
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