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    [ubuntu] Re: Context menu on desktop 21.10

    The File Manager does not anymore provide the icons on the desktop since a few versions. Options appearing in File Manager therefore may not appear when right-clicking a desktop icon, especially for...
  2. Re: Ubuntu creating new txt file when I copy/paste?

    Difficult to imagine what happens. Pasting text from the clipboard will never automatically create a file. When pasting in a file manager, a file may be created because a pathname of a file is in the...
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    Re: How to make touchpad left click

    Yep, for me it does. It indeed depends on the hardware as well.
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    Re: How to make touchpad left click

    In Gnome Tweaks, set "Mouse click emulation" on "Fingers". Then, right-click will be by double fingers, and else be a left click.
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    Re: Copy/Paste Not Working

    Can you copy to files/folders under your home folder? Can you copy on a different way, e.g. by drag and drop? Are there error messages/error dialogs? If yes, what is the message?
  6. Re: What is the lightest .txt editor (what is a clone of windows notepad)

    Basic editing with vim can be learned in 30 minutes, just like basic editing with notepad can be learned in 30 minutes for someone that never edited a file before.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Upgrading Paths for 20.04 to 21.10

    That is not how it works. With 20.04, you could upgrade to 20.10 for as long as it was supported, and to the next LTS 22.04. So with respect to upgrades, your only option currently is to wait until...
  8. Re: Restricting a GUI user to perform only predefined actions on Ubuntu

    man polkit if you want to do it thoroughly. Otherwise, there are some tricks to keep "the honest user out" by for example setting the executable PATH to a single dedicated folder that only contains...
  9. Re: Preventing apt from installing packages

    Pinning should do it. Provide detail on how you attempted this.
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Show Applications no longer in the absolute bottom left

    In vanilla Gnome Shell, the dash is shown leaving some space to the bottom. Still, there, the icons are still active when the cursor is at the full bottom of the page, thus outside of the slightly...
  11. [gnome] Re: can't create Icons on desktop anymore on 20.04 LTS

    This is not intentional: Ubuntu supports desktop icons through that Gnome Shell extension. Check first if your Desktop folder still has its "special status":

    cat ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs |...
  12. Re: Lost Firefox bookmarks after upgrading to 21.10

    If you are only concerned about the bookmarks, copy your ~/.mozilla/firefox/########.default-release/places.sqlite (## is a random string) to the profile of the snap version under /snap/firefox....
  13. Re: What is the lightest .txt editor (what is a clone of windows notepad)

    The default text editor, gedit, will satisfy your needs as a graphical text editor. mousepad, the default text editor of XFCE, is very lightweight.
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    Re: finding and installing software

    As far as I know, Facebook is a website? Ubuntu comes with the Firefox browser out of the box. What is messenger? Indeed, I second the advice of monkeybrain20122 where you can safely safe system...
  15. Re: Resource for giving you tasks and projects

    Not quite clear to me what you are actually looking for.
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Change all home Ubuntu folders path in a NTFS partition to share them with Window

    It is not a problem to keep your data files on the same system partition of windows. Just make sure that 1) the "Fast windows start" option in Windows is turned off, and 2) you always fully shut...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: copy paste files from desktop to nautilus/files ubuntu 21.10

    Make sure you have the extension "gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng" (Desktop Icons New generation) installed and enabled. This is the one that is used by default since Ubuntu 21.04.
  18. [ubuntu] Re: All Desktop Folders and Files Disappeared

    Here, I would suggest doing this with the graphical file manager. That will preserve the "special" status of the Desktop folder.

    If in the mean time, you moved already using the terminal, you can...
  19. Re: Where do I put scripts to make them work?

    Put your personal scripts in either `~/.local/share/bin` or `~/bin`.

    Put scripts that need to be available to any user in the system in `/usr/local/bin`. `/usr/local/sbin` indeed is a suited...
  20. Re: Can you place a .txt file onto a pdf from the command line?

    pdfunite will append files in one PDF, but not superimpose one page on another. qpdf has an --overlay option, whereas pdftk has the "stamp" or "multistamp" options to overlay.
  21. [SOLVED] Re: LibreOffice no longer using distro's dialogues

    Tools - Options, "General" under "LibreOffice" has the setting "Use LibreOffice dialogs". If checked, LS uses its internal dialog. If unchecked, it uses the system provided one. If it is unchecked...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Where to install programs in a good way?

    Install programs using the software center: the system automatically takes care of proper location, integrates them in your application menu, sets up associations, and ensures you can remove it...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Thunderbird 78 now crashes on startup

    What does "which thunderbird" and "file $(which thunderbird)" reveal? Just to double check whether you do not have another instance of thunderbird installed in another way.
  24. Re: how disable folder being mounted how partition ?

    That mount indeed appears related to flatpak:
  25. Re: how disable folder being mounted how partition ?

    Leave this folder mounted. It will not harm you. Have some trust in the linux developpers. It will be mounted for a reason.
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