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  1. Gnome Vs others Virtual Desktops

    This is probably a dumb realization, also a number of years later.

    I've always had trouble with using virtual desktops. Just never could get used to it. I recently looked into the feature on...
  2. [Other Ubuntu/Debian based] Re: POP OS Ultrawide Display won't display Ultrawide Resolution

    Have you tried the cable from the other machine that works? I don't know DP to be honest but I know for HDMI there are 4 classes of cable. The lower end can't break a resolution or hz wall, hence the...
  3. Re: AMD RX 570 Video Driver issues with Impish Indri 5.13/5.14

    Are you using the drivers from AMD or the built in from the Mesa package?
  4. Re: Limit max available resolution

    The reason is to small + my gpu is an rx570. It's got muscle but not enough to drive 4k for the games I like to play. That and I've eliminated my desk for a 55" tv about 10ft (3m) away as I don't use...
  5. [solved] Limit max available resolution

    When I'm away for x amount of time my resolution switches to 4k. I'd like to make it so the machine can't even acknowledge any resolution above 1080p. How can I restrict that?
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu server crash without reasons (maybe because of docker)

    almost pegging the ram. I'm also curious how you are on partition space. a full partition will crash out.

    Just keep in mind. You can do a lot with the RPi's. But they are not full server machines....
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    Re: Wiping Drives

    To add to this. "If there is a will, there is a way." If someone is determined enough (and have the time + funds) they can do anything. The only real guarantee is melting the whole drive down to a...
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    Re: Tale of Woe - Snaps

    Maybe try this? No need for rebuild, just set and forget it looks like.
    I never considered this being an issue as I only use a few of them. Just never came up. Is...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Empty /etc/fstab - how to recover basic system LVM mountpoints? (/, /tmp)

    It's odd that you can get ssh access without an fstab. My thinking is you need to mount the root and swap, and nothing else.

    /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv / ext4 defaults,errors=remount-ro 0 1

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    [ubuntu] Re: Triple monitor display

    If it's the one gpu then maybe the Dp and Hdmi can't work at the same time? Is there a vga port you could hook one to?
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Help disabling Intel RST or bypassing RST without BIOS Password

    Indeed. But what good would a security feature be if it was easily bypassed?
  12. Re: Now that MS Edge (stable) is available on Linux, will you use it?

    As of right now I'm running Windows 10 in a vm for games via passthrough. The way I'm configured right now I spend quite a bit of time in Windows and use Chrome in Windows. If this is the case then I...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Transfer all data from hard disk

    I think one thing to consider is you can only push that data so fast. Even with a very powerful cpu and stuff it will max at the i/o speeds of the drives themselves. You could throw a quad socket...
  14. [SOLVED] Re: Transfer all data from hard disk

    Cp or rsync. With no special permissions on ntfs its pretty basic. Will take a long time though.

    If over network just scp instead of cp. Start it in a tmux session and let it run.
  15. Re: Best Hardware to run a linux server

    I can't give specifics on what you should get. I can give you a current running example of mine at the moment.

    top - 13:57:27 up 4 days, 12:37, 2 users, load average: 0.78, 0.75, 0.72Tasks:...
  16. Re: My dad refuses to upgrade his 16.04 laptop

    Thank you for that clarification. Always something to learn.
  17. Re: My dad refuses to upgrade his 16.04 laptop

    I guess I assumed that services would be targeted, not Linux in general. As such the main targets would be things that the average home user doesn't have or even know about therefore the...
  18. [ubuntu_mate] Re: Mount Internal Backup Drive Without Sudo

    I don't know. I do know it hasn't caused me any problems but admittedly my access to my automounts is irregular. Never thought to actively test it. Maybe I should.
  19. [ubuntu_mate] Re: Mount Internal Backup Drive Without Sudo

    I've been using systemd automounts for awhile now. Works great thus far.
  20. Re: My dad refuses to upgrade his 16.04 laptop

    One thing of note. While "security by obscurity" shouldn't ever be a security model to follow it does have some effect. As such that 16.04 is not nearly as dangerous as say an old version of Windows....
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    Re: my api info

    Maybe referring to the login password? I've seen people refer to the cli as the kernel before.
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    Re: Oracle JDK 16 Failed

    We were discussing Minecraft java version the other day in another thread. For the record the java version on my Windows desktop opens using the OpenJDK, not Oracle (as evidenced by it's asking for...
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    Re: When to Re-Install the OS?

    This is because Windows doesn't clean up after itself. When you load a restore point it isn't exactly as it was when it was created, even though that is what they claim it does. Lots of crap get's...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Upgrade advise

    For me LTS means the few ppa's that I use always work. They don't all get interim releases done. Is something to consider as well.
  25. Re: Now that MS Edge (stable) is available on Linux, will you use it?

    Oddly enough I just looked in chrome before logging into the forums here. Never saw it. Is an export button. I dumped them to a csv file. Makes life easy.

    Maybe i can escape...[/COLOR]
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