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    [SOLVED] Re: New SSD malfunctioning?

    Following up... I RMA'd the drive and received a replacement that is the same model. The new drive is working very well without any errors. Now I can say for sure that the previous drive was faulty.
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    [SOLVED] New SSD malfunctioning?

    I just purchased a new motherboard, CPU, RAM, and SSD hard drive for my desktop. After replacing all of the parts and installing ubuntu 13.04 amd64, I am experiencing weird behavior with the new hard...
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    Re: [HOW-TO] Pidgin-Rhythmbox 2.0 plug-in

    For people currently looking for this I strongly recommend installing pidgin-musictracker via apt-get instead of messing with the Pidigin-Rhythmbox plugin.

    Pidgin-musictracker is a newer plugin...
  4. Re: HOWTO Install pureadmin/pure-ftpd with virtual users support

    Thanks for posting this guide! I was able to get it to work. I also skipped step 11 which did not seem necessary (maybe it was 3 years ago when this guide was written).

    Is it possible to have...
  5. [gnome] Re: Launching GNU Screen Resizes the Terminal Window

    I discovered a solution to my problem. /etc/screenrc has the following line:

    # Change the xterm initialization string from is2=\E[!p\E[?3;4l\E[4l\E>
    # (This fixes the "Aborted because of window...
  6. [gnome] Re: Launching GNU Screen Resizes the Terminal Window

    Baseface- I request that you refrain for posting replies such as this one and the one above that contain no actual substance or useful information. Saying things like "you need to setup your...
  7. [gnome] Re: Launching GNU Screen Resizes the Terminal Window

    What needs to go in my .screenrc? I had a blank one is place but that did not do anything. Is there some "nosize" command that I need to use?
  8. [gnome] [resolved] Launching GNU Screen Resizes the Terminal Window

    When I either start, or resume, a screen session in gnome-terminal it automatically resizes my gnome-terminal window to a width of 80 characters.

    This started happening when I added a line to my...
  9. Re: HOW TO: The Ultimate XBOX 360 Multimedia Sharing Guide

    I mentioned this before but I just want to say it again in case you missed it but for those people having trouble getting this to work, try starting ushare from the command line instead of with the...
  10. Re: HOW TO: The Ultimate XBOX 360 Multimedia Sharing Guide


    make sure the init.d script is not running

    $ sudo /etc/init.d/ushare stop

    then try in terminal (note the -x option)

    $ ushare -x
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    [all variants] Best Linux sound card?

    I'm having a hard time finding a new sound card that meets all my requirements. I don't care about the sound card features. Something simple is fine, the drivers/compatibly is most important. Can you...
  12. Re: HOW TO: The Ultimate XBOX 360 Multimedia Sharing Guide

    Does the init.d script that Ubuntu installs work for anyone? When I start uShare via init.d I am unable to connect with my xbox, however, when I start it with
    ushare -xD in terminal it works fine.
  13. Re: HOW TO: The Ultimate XBOX 360 Multimedia Sharing Guide

    When I updated my xbox my streaming stopped working as well. However, reinstalling the media update that it throws at you fixed it for me.
  14. Re: HOWTO: Install and setup chrooted SFTP users with openssh-5.0p1 from scratch

    Thanks for the HowTo lusixhan! It worked great for me (so far). I'll let you know if I have any issues.

    Thanks again! I love home simple this method is.
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    Re: HOWTO: NFS Server/Client

    Thanks! I was having a fit trying to get this to work with my mac. I used your exact options and it worked finally. :)
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    Re: Hm, Programming mentality...?

    After reading through the replies everyone seems like they are generally missing the point of his post. He is not asking for programmer resources as so many of you have generously provided. He is...
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    Re: Enhanced download page for Ubuntu

    I would really like to see the BitTorrent link pushed more.
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    Re: Ubuntu Studio is out.

    I love the web page design! Good Job. I really hope people find UStudio to be a valuable asset.
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    Re: A good BitTorrent client for GNOME?

    Azureus (not strictly GNOME) is my favorite because of its RSS feed plugin, and it supports the private torrent site I use.

    I was having a lot of fun at one point with rTorrent and probably never...
  20. Why doesn't Canonical push Bittorrent more?

    I was wondering why the Ubuntu website makes it so hard to download Ubuntu using BitTorrent? Just as a little test I steps one has to take from to reach the .torrent files. In all 5...
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    Re: What is up with Pidgin (prev: Gaim)

    That's a shame because I really Gaim 2.0........ a year and a half ago when the first beta came out...

    What are the gaim alternatives besides Kopete?
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    Hybrid forum layout broken

    All the sudden all these undefines started showing up today. See screenshot:
  23. Thread: Firefox Widgets

    by rko618

    Re: Firefox Widgets

    Thanks fatsheep! I have always felt that Firefox under Linux was rather ugly compared to its Windows counter part. This script fixes a lot of those issues. Much thanks.
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    Re: Linear I hate thee

    I am using this ancient text by Fraleigh and Beauregard which if you look on Amazon the reviews are absolutely horrible so that may be the problem after all. The book actually comes with a floppy...
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    Linear I hate thee

    I am currently retaking Linear Algebra at my University and after the currently on course to fail it a second time. Linear Algebra is one of the required math classes that all CS majors...
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