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  1. Re: Any known list of CLI packages in Ubuntu?

    Open a terminal window and hit tab, 90% of the commands that show up should be Command-Line only :)
  2. Re: Uh, wow. Firefox IS as bulky as they say it is.

    People, please keep in mind that Firefox actively uses the Cache (and as such every picture you've veiwed in the last few minutes/browsing session could be in RAM. This adds up quickly. If you have...
  3. Re: What are other SCi-Fi author in addition to Arthur C Clark and Isaac Asimov?

    Lol...Missed that one ):P

    And I would agree that character development in his first story [that i read] is not the best, but I really enjoyed the book nonetheless. Scientific accuracy aside, what...
  4. Re: What are other SCi-Fi author in addition to Arthur C Clark and Isaac Asimov?

    Wow. I can't believe we got 4 pages in without anyone mentioning Greg Bear. A highly celebrated author; he wrote one of my favorite Sci-Fi books: Eon. I still haven't started the 2nd book in the...
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    Re: Am I going nuts???

    I don't hear anything. May want to go see a doctor. Either that or start jamming along! :)
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    Re: What is your nerd test score?

    I'm happy with that. I don't have a pocket-protector after all...Although I really prefer calling myself a geek, not a nerd.
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    Poll: Re: Are you completely content with your job?

    I just started a new job but for the past month i've really enjoyed it. I've got incredible benefits and insurance (working at a hospital has that effect :) ). I'm a PC tech and the work i get to do...
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    Re: Microsoft submitting patches to the kernel?

    Microsofts work on the kernel comes after tons of demand from the enterprise (from what i remember) due to incompatibilities with the kernel and certain microsoft products that are supposed to work...
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    Re: Best KDE implementation?

    KDEMod on ArchLinux is incredible. I've never seen anything more stable, complete, and as fast as that!

    Even though I'm a big fan of Kubuntu, and I deal with its Sluggish KDE implimentation, it...
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    Re: Is PC gaming even worth it?

    This isn't true. Consoles are static devices by nature and thus are only innovative during each succession of the console. The new PS3 that was just released is no different than the original...
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    Re: TED Talk on Intellectual Property...

    That was really interesting. Thanks for sharing it on here. I really love TED talks!
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    Re: Utorrent on linux :D

    I used to use uTorrent for a long time on windows. These days I use Vuze for the most part but on linux i'm incredibly happy with KTorrent. I just wish the integrated peerguardian would work/Download...
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    Re: Microsoft evangelist

    I work for a Hospital as an I.T. tech. The Organization my hospital belongs to has deeply embedded itself with Novell and Windows.

    At the desktop level we pretty much run Windows XP with Novell...
  14. Re: I`m glad i was born in an age that has computers

    I've been using computers pretty much all of my life, starting with Windows 3.1. These days I'm a computer tech, getting into network security and learning programming. I play games on the computer,...
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    Re: Redshift - anyone try it?

    Red light causes less stress on our eyes because it has a much lower frequency compared to every other visible color in the light spectrum.

    An exerpt from Wikipedia:

    Rhodopsin in the human rods...
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    Re: The Oatmeal: Pritners were sent from...

    Oh mean..The Oatmeal knows my heart so well...

    A wise man once said: "PC Load Letter? Wtf does that mean!?"
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    Re: Anyone know some really fun Linux games?

    Battle for Wesnoth is pretty addictive once you get into it. Its also pretty long (I've spent over 10 hours playing one of the main campaigns, and I've got a bit longer to go before beating it)
  18. Poll: Re: Canonical needs to devote more developers, time and resources to Kubuntu

    Kubuntu is not developed by Canonical. It is a community-developed derivative of Ubuntu. Canonical isn't lacking in terms of support for Kubuntu because they don't develop it. Its up to the community...
  19. Thread: HP Buys Palm

    by Firestem4

    Re: HP Buys Palm

    I was certainly not expecting HP to buy out Palm. Interesting development. Will wait to see how it goes.
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    Re: Python and other random topics

    Python is used quite extensively within Linux. I personally don't know a whole lot about it, or its capabilities but I do know for instance that Pardus Linux has tons of programs that are written...
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    Re: Where do you follow the news? and are my two favorite websites for news, specifically tech related.

    CNet/ZDnet also typically has a lot of news, but I highly dislike the blog-like news...
  22. Poll: Re: Remastersys - Do you use it and what do you think of it?

    Well I never knew about it till now :) I'll definitely give a go the next time I have the chance.
  23. Re: What is the worst error you did in Ubuntu if any?

    One time I accidentally deleted /tmp. Recreating this file normally is a no-no because /tmp has some special file attributes and I believe a specific sticky-bit. I didn't know this at the time and...
  24. Re: What's You're Job and is it hard please describe?

    Currently I'm an I.T. Operations Technician for a small company. I help maintain and support desktops and I provide backup network and server troubleshooting assistance when the main I.T. Manager is...
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    Re: lol @ Tech Support

    I once talked with HP Support about a keyboard issue. (Overheating from the poorly designed laptop internals warped my keyboard due to excessive heat).

    Needless to say, I was asked to 'clean my...
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