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  1. Re: [Python]Listing live nodes on to make it fast?

    You mean like this?

    os.system("ping -b -c 3")

    I have to check for live nodes not particular nodes..and i have about 4-5 computers connected via a switch..
    and my code is...
  2. [Python]Listing live nodes on to make it fast?

    import socket
    from socket import gaierror,herror
    name={ ##name resolver 'Dhir':'Dhiraj PC'## }
    for i in range(100,110):
  3. [Django]Load gmaps according to user choice on a Django site.

    Hi everybody
    I am doing a project in Django and i want to have some google maps displayed in my site. So, i installed django-easy-maps and successfully used it in a sample template. So, i am ready...
  4. [Java,C++] Java packages vs. C++ header files

    Hi people..
    I wanted to ask a question about c++ and java...
    Although i know c++ ... i m not that familiar with java...

    So the question is " What is the difference between C++ header files and...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Googlemaps display using Python in Django

    Thanks for the reply.....i found geodjango quite good so i m gonna go with it :)
  6. [SOLVED] Googlemaps display using Python in Django

    Hi all
    I wanted to display an address using gmaps using Django...
    How can i do that...?

    i came across geogjango but don't's good or not ....
  7. Re: Trying to learn programming, but I don't know where to start...

    I agree some people dont need to learn c/c++ to make a living but i believe we should not forget where we started....;)
    Besides these two languages are one of the few languages which are very close...
  8. Re: Trying to learn programming, but I don't know where to start...

    Welcome to the forum!

    Its nice to see that you want to pursue something that you are interested in...
    A good language to get you started is Python its easy,less verbose and powerful at the same...
  9. only jQuery or JavaScript+jQuery?

    should i learn JS before going for jQuery or i'll be comfortable with jquery alone...
    i just want to utilise the power of jquery ui and please refer me some books too,,, thanks :)
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    Re: GUI in Python

    i dont know who said pygtk was confusing it worked perfectly for me.i think it all depends on how you write the code.
    Still good luck after all it's your decision.
  11. Re: Django beginner needs help...

    Thanks for your help mate :)
    i'll try ...
  12. Django beginner needs help...

    hi guys
    i have started learning django and wanted to ask some questions about it...
    1.I know we can create web apps using django but will django take care of the HTML\CSS of the web app?
    2. Can...
  13. Re: [Python]Why is this program behaving unexpectedly??

    Besides that..??
  14. Re: [Python]Why is this program behaving unexpectedly??

    and that was quick :P
    anyway is there any other way by which i can only have an int value from the user??
  15. [Python]Why is this program behaving unexpectedly??

    import random,sys
    print x
    if (x!=guess):
    print "Enter your guess:"
  16. [Python] Can somebody explain this to me???

    >>> a = 1
    >>> b = 1
    >>> b is a
    >>> a = 6000
    >>> b = 6000
    >>> b is a
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    Re: Best book for Django??

    kk thanks... :)
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    Best book for Django??

    I want to develop a website using Django....i wanted to ask is it enough to develop a website or should i include something else too??
    and suggest me some good books to that are concerned with...
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    Re: Best way to setup JDK

    i have written a tutorial on setting up jdk and jre on ubuntu....see if it helps.....
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    Re: python compiler

    The answer Lua gave is correct.....if you want a standalone executable you should consider pyinstaller or py2exe....
  21. Re: Best books to learn Python and Java? [First Language]

    Since u asked for any other suggestion may i suggest that you learn python 2.x in place of 3 will be more useful for u now....if u don't need python 3 exclusively....

    As for books...if u can...
  22. Re: Opinions on teaching myself programming.

    I have no intentions of starting a heated debate so this will be my last post.I m just sharing my views and python is a gud language to start with.

    Thats why i suggested moving on to C++ after...
  23. Re: Opinions on teaching myself programming.

    Although python is gud....isn't starting with C best guys...i am no expert but i recommend C---> then C++ ----> Java or Python (both are gud) ....
    I learned like that and i believe C and C++...
  24. Re: Best collection of python example code I have found

    Although no example codes here...but if you wanna practice python i recommend
    they have gud questions that strengthen your grasp of python
  25. Re: Download .deb files from getdeb????

    no i know about repos.....but isn't there any way to get the .deb by downloading it to your computer so that u can install it without a net connection???
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