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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop - No network connection

  2. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop - No network connection

    I'm having the same problem with this chipset. I posted one potential solution that didn't work for me in another thread. Maybe you'll have better luck?
  3. [ubuntu] Re: new install misses network on boot entirely

    After some extensive searching, I think I narrowed the problem down. The Realtek 8139 chipset (what I've got) works terribly on Debian-based Linux distros. Here's a bug report, which was opened in...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: new install misses network on boot entirely

    I'm having the exact same problem, and I am equally baffled. Help?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Empathy Messenger Facebook

    I can't get this to work. Empathy crashes with a message saying that the Facebook protocol can't be found.
  6. [all variants] Re: I'm about to give up with ubuntu

    Well, that's certainly an optimistic post no details to back it up.

    I'm running 9.10, and suspend/hibernate is broken on my machine and has been broken for three years, and buttons to adjust the...
  7. Why the rush to add "Context View" to every music player under the sun?

    Why are Linux music players all rushing to add "context views"? Banshee, Exaile, heck Amarok2 made the "context view" take up a third of the screen. I know my music. That's why it's in my collection....
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    Re: The way NOT to help someone.

    That describes most of my Launchpad bug reports...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to completely uninstall Ubuntu?

    Okay, you've got the installation you want on the HDD you're sharing with Windows, and want to move it over to your 10Gb HDD, then configure GRUB to work with the new setup? I'm just going off the...
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    Re: Post count

    Well, crap. I joined in 2004. You guys just obliterated 2/3rds of my posts.
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    Re: Sony Vaio 630e For Sale

    How badly is the screen damaged? Do you have any pictures of the screen? How much are you asking for it?
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    Re: Cheap small Ubuntu server for sale

    If I lived near you, I'd buy it. But since I don't, it would probably cost that much just to ship it. Try Craigslist.
  13. Re: Intel 440BX motherboard with 650mhz PIII processor

    The second system I ever built used that board! Ah, memories!

    I agree with spcwingo. If you had a whole system, you might be able to get $70 bucks for it, or donate it for a tax write-off. But I...
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    Annoying Photoshop CS2 Quirk

    I ran Photoshop 7 for a couple years under Wine, but recently jumped to CS2 after the developers decided to focus on getting it running for the Wine 1.0 release. It works fine, except for one...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Hard Drive Space Dissappearing

    I just freed up several hundred megabytes by clearing out /var/logs. Apparently, the log files keep piling up, and if you've been running Ubuntu for a while, their file size can really add up.
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    [kubuntu] Re: No artwork, 120gb iPod classic, Amarok

    Hey, thanks for that tip. I didn't have much luck getting Amarok to upload music to my 6G iPod, so I resorted to using iTunes. But playing music off it with Amarok killed my album art, and I've been...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Noob wants to Create Document through right mouse click ?

    The solutions people have been posting are very convoluted and require installing third-party software. The proper solution is much easier, and cleaner, too.
    Go to your home directory.
    Create a...
  18. Re: What is your favorite "hacker" or computer movie?

    Jurassic Park.

    "It's a Unix system! I know this!"
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    Re: Linux Needs a GOOD photo management app

    If somebody could get Adobe Lightroom running in Wine, that would be awesome. Fspot and Picassa are okay for casual use, but are next to worthless when you and your partner have two or three thousand...
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    Re: The BUMP Thread

    I wonder how many system resources on the Ubuntu Forums' server this thread is consuming?...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Fully-Patched Hardy No Longer Sees Wireless; Live CD Works Fine

    Okay, I see what you're getting at. I'm posting the output from the Live CD for my convince. I don't feel like mounting my drive and saving output to a text file. :)

    If the wireless card shows up...
  22. [ubuntu] Fully-Patched Hardy No Longer Sees Wireless; Live CD Works Fine

    Okay, I've been running Hardy since the beta, and recently started having increasingly bizarre problems with my wireless connection:
    Starting about a week ago, Hardy started "forgetting" how to...
  23. Re: Are they going to change theme in II alpha 2?

    They've already changed the theme. It's dark, meant to test the feasibility of using a dark theme by default, and will likely go through some major revisions in the coming months.

    It's causing...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: ATi 7500 mobile and Desktop Effects will not work properly

    I haven't found enabling it to cause any slowdown. This is on a Dell c640 laptop, and the chip has 32Mb of dedicated memory.

    However, a quirk has appeared in Hardy's version of Compiz: maximized...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: ATi 7500 mobile and Desktop Effects will not work properly

    Check out the thread pinned to the top of this forum. The 7500 has been removed from a "white list" of chips that can run Compiz, mostly because the developers didn't want to go to all the trouble of...
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