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  1. [ubuntu] How do I change the default DE for guest accounts?

    I've installed Ubuntu 12.04 on a public use computer system and want to change the default environment over to Gnome without removing Unity. Right now, every time the system is rebooted, logged out,...
  2. [gnome] Re: gnome-shell: logout button instead of shutdown after upgrade

    If you are like me, I like having the ability to shutdown. Grab the Frippery Shutdown extension for gnome-shell.

    If you are running...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Which is better Desktop Environment?

    Been playing with a pure-gnome type of environment and tweaking the living daylights out of it using extensions. The only thing I'm missing right now is a places menu put in the correct spot on the...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: gnome3application switcher, can I move the 'search' box?

    You don't have to move your mouse back to the right... just start typing. If you do a lot of searching and need the search feature fast... hit the super key, then type your search. Boom... very...
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    Poll: Re: To Cheese or not to Cheese.

    As long as it does not have the horrid texture of american cheese or that fake velveeta junk... all cheese is good by me.
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    Re: LibreOffice bugs

    With each new release of software you will find new bugs but at the same time you will also see some of the old bugs gone. It's the nature of the beast. As for reverting back to OOo, I hope that...
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    Re: What Flavour of Linux Next ?

    I'm in the process of building a respin of 12.04 without Unity. Going to do LXDE and Gnome3. The respin I'm building is going to be for a corporate environment if I can get all the packages to fit...
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    Poll: Re: Have you modded your Android phone?

    I won't purchase a phone unless I can root it, rom it, mod it, and clear of any potential fruit based operating systems. If a phone I own makes it to 24 hours in its stock form... then it hasn't...
  9. Poll: Re: How many people use Ubuntu with Gnome-shell in stead of Unity?

    I gave Unity a shot... I forced myself to use it for over two months. I learned the hotkey shortcuts. I learned how to tweak the interface. After the first month... I started moving things around,...
  10. [gnome] Re: [Gnome3.2] How do I disable "screensaver" by default

    I'm curious... what is your graphics chipset on your system with this problem?

    description: VGA compatible controller
    product: 2nd Generation Core Processor Family...
  11. [gnome] [Gnome3.2] How do I disable "screensaver" by default

    I've got a computer system I'm setting up to display random videos (from a script) on a screen. The problem is, every 20 minutes the screen goes black and goes to sleep. I've tried going into gnome...
  12. Re: Which hats in the hyperlink are for Men or Unisex?

    I'd never wear it. But then, I'm not exactly into the entire "western" scene either.
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    [ubuntu] Re: problem with gnome 3 shell

    Post up a list of your extensions. I'm getting the same problem from time to time. Perhaps we can track down where the issue stems from. Here's mine.

    Dash Click Fix:...
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    Re: iPod classic tech advice

    I can guarantee this issue is a dead logic board. I've done a few repairs to ipods just like this one which required replacing the board. The batteries you have should still work in other ipods...
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    Re: Anyone here use Ubuntu 10.10?

    Using a heavily modded 10.10 from an external USB drive for some support issues. The drive is partitioned out 16GB and the rest of a 750GB goes to handling dd-rescue. I've got the drive booting the...
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    Poll: Re: Which computer retailer do you trust most?

    I trust most computer retailers. Unless those retailers are biased towards Microsoft or Apple... then they have nothing of interest. Leaves me going with the small time mom and pop shops or the VAR...
  17. Re: anyone good at laptop repair ? could use your 2 cents.

    I have to agree, the motherboard is indeed bad. The baking trick may or may not work. I would put my money on the latter. When parting out, the screen is worth the most, about $90-120USD. Here's...
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    Re: What car do you drive? (pictures)

    My little customized beast...
  19. Re: Minnow Android slab maker BEATS Apple in court

    I really hope Apple goes too far with their lawsuits painting themselves into a corner. How many refrigerators look alike? How many TVs/Monitors are near identical with the exception of the...
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    Re: DeOpping a subforum mod

    Thanks you guys. Perhaps when my life isn't nearly as complicated, I'll be able to contribute more.
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    DeOpping a subforum mod

    Namely myself. I've left the Missouri LoCo and would like to be removed as subforum op. Need some help finding what steps to take.
  22. Re: fragmentation - what does this mean and how will SSDs effect linux

    SSD drives should remain heavily fragmented due to how they store data... there is a leveling feature of the drive which helps push the lifespan out to 10+ years. Defragmenting the drive will kill...
  23. Re: New Ubuntu Is Out Lets Hear About What You've To Say

    So, having used the RC for a while, and now the official release for a bit... I can honestly say a few things.

    If you like Unity, 11.10 is great (I really don't like Unity). If you want the...
  24. Re: Samsung files injunction against iPhone 4S sale in Japan, Australia

    Why the entire case is just dumb.

    Anyway, back to banning more ipads.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Separating Applications + System menus

    You aren't alone. I'm still looking for something to bring back the system menu as well.
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