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    Re: New Ubuntu Version?

    data is still in compressed files.

    you should unpack the files (e.g. right click and select "extract" to get the unpacked files). if duplicity has an option where it would guide you, you can do it...
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    Re: Smartd to check SSD Disk Health

    you would have to see what these tests mean. i wish i could help more, but i never used an SSD :) (yet).
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    [ubuntu] Re: Trying to install qbittorrent

    click "thread tools" in the first thread (upper right corner in grey area) and select "mark this thread as solved".

    there are two editions one is desktop (which has graphical user interface) and...
  4. Re: list of vendors that sell hardware ready for Linux

    oh so UEFI has it's own OS so to say. i only ever updated in BIOS and for that i used a DOS/windows floppy disk. i remember i had to update it to do an upgrade with a special adapter form Pentium 2...
  5. Re: Install Ubuntu Server on a Raspberry Pi 2, 3 or 4

    so you first successfully installed the ARM server image? then, after that is installed you logged in and installed the desktop? and then it didn't work? and all you got was a blinking cursor? i had...
  6. Re: list of vendors that sell hardware ready for Linux

    probably it is not mean UEFI but windows "secure boot". UEFI is a standard dating back to 2003 or sometime around then. it was first supported by Linux. windows added support for it later one. the...
  7. Re: list of vendors that sell hardware ready for Linux

    i agree that uefi update from linux is one of the main issues here. if not from linux then at least something like freedos or similar free OS should be offered.

    otherwise we have a bunch of HP...
  8. Re: this reminds me why I stopped using my own printer.

    i try to do this as well when possible. i bought some shoes and paid for them an arm and a leg, but they are soft and very well made. i can see that from the stitches. very clean and uniform. and 2...
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    Re: New Xubuntu install

    such as? you can install AMD GPU pro if you feel is necessary. otherwise if things work well as they are just leave them be.

    *buntu systems are known to come with sane default settings so there is...
  10. Re: Install Ubuntu Server on a Raspberry Pi 2, 3 or 4

    how did you flash the card? is the downloaded image good (run md5sum check)?
  11. Re: New Seperate M.2 SSD for Windows 10 Pro install Help

    oh i get it now. this refers to the new drive where windows will go, not the Ubuntu one. i read that too fast.
    i get it all now. pretty much the same as it used to be with with BIOS/MBR, juts a step...
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    Re: Smartd to check SSD Disk Health

    this will help you understand the values:

    Disk looks fine (hardware wise).

    see here on how to verify trim is working and...
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    Re: important operative systems.

    i was always impressed with lean code and what Elite game could to on 48kB memory.

    a good start would then also be the OS on the first computers and developing the first OS.
  14. Re: New Seperate M.2 SSD for Windows 10 Pro install Help

    out of curiosity and for possible future use- what does thi sstep do exactly? change to GPT format. but what happnes to existing data on drive. is this a painless procedure like changing fat32 to...
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    Re: important operative systems.

    React OS is an interesting reverse engineering attempt.
  16. Re: Feedback as a returning Ubuntu user

    Kubuntu has Koffice and Kmail. it also has a more feature rich media players. not to say there aren't plenty in and outside of repositories.there are so many different options but the fact is that...
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    Re: Cannot install Wine

    if you want a graphical interface for setting up wine, then there are: Playonlinux, Proton (requires Steam) and Lutris (pulls in some new stuff, i am a bit sceptical on system stability with this,...
  18. Re: Audacious is a brilliant audio player ... Everyone should give it a try

    i use qmmp. it's simple, qt based and easy to read.
  19. Re: Need Help with using Proton on Steam (Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms)

    you need to install it using proton. if it's a steam game you need to enable steam play.
  20. [all variants] Re: I re-installed windows 7, did I just kill my lubuntu partition?

    next time (and unless you need win 7 for gaming or some GPU intensive tasks) just install it inside virtualbox or similar. much less hassle and no way you would destroy partition with that install.
  21. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu 16.04 server is rebooting automatically

    no it has nothing to do with updates
    you have reboot disabled:

    //Unattended-Upgrade::Automatic-Reboot "false";

    check logs in /var/log to see why the reboot occurs. it could still be a hardware...
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    Re: Which Thinkpad Model/Processor

    actually old games run well in wine. though some do not run so perfect. or you can install them.

    i also found a few engines ported and they work relatively well. there is jdoom or whatever it's...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Help! Ubuntu semi-bricked my laptop

    did you maybe run some boot repair? can you reformat the efi parittion and set a boot flag on it?

    not sure how but the reboot seems to have corrupted some files or worse destroyed the partition...
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    Re: Program on Wine wont launch

    you can troubleshoot by running the program from terminal / console. you run it by

    wine programname.exe

    any error codes will be displayed in the terminal. you can then copy them & paste to...
  25. Re: ubuntu 19.10 RV710 AMD Radeon HD 4550

    also not sure how up to date this is but they list the available feature of opensource Radeon driver:
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