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    Re: [SOLVED] Increasing size of wubi partition?

    Thanks so much!
  2. [wubi] Re: Desktop help!

    Please note, this is a screencap of my desktop. The problem is shown in this picture.
  3. [wubi] Re: Desktop help!

    I probably should of tagged it as ubuntu. I'm using ubuntu, but i installed it via Wubi.
    It's not an old laptop. It's just a mini. Also, it's Windows XP.
    Here's an image....
  4. [wubi] Desktop help! - Intel Mobile 945GME Graphics

    Hello, i'm new to the forums, and generally new to ubuntu.
    I've used it before, and i like it.
    Anyway, i just put it on my Laptop. (Resolution 800x600)
    I'm using an external monitor (1280x1024)...
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