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    [SOLVED] Re: Can't install or remove Samba

    I'm running 12.04 Precise and have been trying for a week now to share files with my Windows 7 laptop. After trying unsuccessfully to set it up myself the first time, I began googling walkthroughs....
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Sharing files between Win7 and Ubuntu 12.04 using Samba


    It turns out that the solution was quite simple. Every tutorial that I read instructed me to set up Samba users with 'avahi' as the Unix username. While toying with settings, I found my...
  3. [SOLVED] Sharing files between Win7 and Ubuntu 12.04 using Samba

    Hi, I'm hoping somebody may be able to help with this issue. I'm kind of new to Ubuntu and still noobish, and I am trying to share files between a laptop running Win7 and a wifi desktop running...
  4. [SOLVED] Error message 'Low graphics mode' at boot after changing wallpaper Ubuntu 12.04

    I'm hoping that someone knows the answer to this, I'm pretty sure this is a new one after searching Google and ubuntuforums....

    I changed my desktop wallpaper (to an image in my Pictures folder)...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Logitech H600 usb wireless headphones (problems)

    This is the closest i've gotten to making my H600 headphones work with 12.04, and I think it will happen, but one question? what are you typing in order to sudo restart? That is the only hiccup i've...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: How to install java and activate in browser

    Hi, I'm a new ubuntu user, new to linux entirely as a matter of fact, using 12.04 on a 64-bit system. I have tried every tutorial I can find and followed instructions down to the letter. STILL no...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Trying to install Oracle Java 7

    I've tried every means of installing java that i found in a google search and all to no avail. I'm a new user to ubuntu, but i am pasting the commands in line-by-line and every time i get the error...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Fingerprint GUI and encrypted home

    Hi, I'm using 12.04 and I get the same error message when I try to use my finger scan to log in. Any easy way to remedy this?
  9. Re: tar.bz2 files - how to install?

    This has gone so far beyond my understanding. I think the appropriate response is to dual-boot with windows, which is unfortunate because this was the only thing left to do to get away from microsoft...
  10. Re: tar.bz2 files - how to install?

    Ah, I'm meant to install a patch first, located here:
    Any advice on how to set this up would be...
  11. Re: tar.bz2 files - how to install?

    That actually spurns a result...

    go7007 59318 0
    v4l2_common 15793 1 go7007
    videodev 86588 2 go7007,v4l2_common
    snd_pcm 80845 3...
  12. Re: tar.bz2 files - how to install?

    lsmod | grep go7007 just skips to the next line, no results
  13. Re: tar.bz2 files - how to install?

    It is the go7007 driver. After hours of trying to type the commands in different ways I've managed to navigate to the appropriate directory. Now I am trying to install the driver, but none of the...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Screensaver problem (XScreenSaver vs Gnome)

    I got it, and yes, it was a typo. Everyone note the space between xscreensaver, and -nosplash. Thanks, Toz
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 Unity Screensaver not working until manually started

    I have been trying to get xscreensaver to work without having to manually start it each time and i followed instructions from ubuntu forums and now any time i type commands into terminal i get this...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Screensaver problem (XScreenSaver vs Gnome)

    I've uninstalled the gnome screensaver daemon, and added xscreensaver to the startup applications, but i still have to manually start xscreensaver upon boot. i've followed instructions from multiple...
  17. Re: tar.bz2 files - how to install?

    Terminal will not allow me to navigate to that folder. I get a 'no such file or directory' error message even though I am typing the appropriate folder names, etc.
  18. Re: tar.bz2 files - how to install?

    I googled for info on getting the DVD Xpress to work with Ubuntu and the instructions I found provided me a link to download the drivers for it, but didn't provide any help for setting it up.
  19. Help getting ADSTech DVD Xpress DX2 to work with Ubuntu

    Hi, I'm a new linux user and I have an old ADSTech DVD Xpress DX2 that I am hoping to get working on Ubuntu 12.04. I have downloaded a Linux driver for it in tar.bz2 format, but i don't know what to...
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