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    SOLVED Re: Power Warning on a Mac mini

    That didn't work. I found this link about upowerd.
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    Power Warning on a Mac mini

    I am running 12.04 on a Mac mini with an 2.3gb i5. I keep getting a warning that I have low power and it gives me 3 options. I shouldn't get a power warning because I am not using a battery. Why...
  3. [xfce] Screen dims after decreasing resolution

    I am running my Mac mini with my HDMI on my 55" monitor. If I have the max resolution on, the top panel isn't visible and the screen is really bright. When I decrease the resolution so that the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Windows stuck at top of screen

    What happened to me was that the window decorations disappeared. Once I enabled window decoration under the effects tab, everything worked again. Before that, every Firefox window would open at the...
  5. [ubuntu] Can only boot from shut down not restart

    I have Ubuntu 12.10 installed along side Mac OS on my Macbook. I had 12.04 before, but started to experiment with other distros. After I replaced 12.04 the first time I have had this problem. When...
  6. Re: How to configure a cpu thermometer gauge for conky?

    I figured it out. Like always, I just didn't know the correct thing to look up. I wanted to configure my outputs in rings. Here is the link that I found to configure rings.
  7. How to configure a cpu thermometer gauge for conky?

    Is there a way to configure a cpu thermometer for conky? I have been able to add a cpu temp that only displays the current temperature. I would like to make a gauge so that when it will match the...
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