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    [ubuntu] ubuntu, geexbox, grub2 configuration

    Okay, so I was reading someone's post on how to edit the grub2 configuration files (since they're different from grub-legacy), and I still can't seem to get it to work. The partition I want to add...
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    [ubuntu] dual boot karmic and geexbox

    So, right now I have Karmic Koala on my machine. I want to dual boot it with GeeXboX. Is the only thing I have to do after I install GeeXboX go fix GRUB from Ubuntu?
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    [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] Swiftweasel

    I got Swiftweasel 3.5.2 to run using the menu editor steps under Karmic...
  4. [ubuntu] howto setup postfix to use external smtp server

    I have Charter for my ISP, so I would like to use their smtp server to send my e-mails from postfix on my ubuntu 8.04 server.

    I know the smtp address for charter ( but I don't...
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    [ubuntu] vsftpd setup correctly

    Okay, so I believe I have vsftpd setup correctly...but it's still not working...

    I have created a user called ftp_user, and I have told vsftpd through the use of vsftpd.allowed_users and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: eximconfig doesn't exist

    ooh...okiedokie thanks for the exim4 config code.
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    [ubuntu] eximconfig doesn't exist

    So I was going to install exim4, and I was using this howto to help me configure exim correctly, and it references eximconfig, but when I type that into the terminal it comes up as command not...
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    Re: Lighter version of Ubuntu

    I for one am finding myself drawn towards Linux Mint:

    It's based off Ubuntu, but it's lighter due and it's also similar to Windows for those "skeptical to switch" people.
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    [ubuntu] Re: website hit counter

    I've decided to use webalizer only because of the fact that the logs are on my own computer, not for security but just so it works lol

    I have my webserver set up special so I can get past the port...
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    [ubuntu] Re: website hit counter

    Yes, that's exactly I what I was looking for. Just something local that would keep track of how many visitors I get and who they are.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu server turns off monitor

    I just press the NumLock key on my keyboard and it comes never seemed to bother me but if there's a way to stop it, then I'll gladly except it :)

    I run my server headless too, so the...
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    [ubuntu] website hit counter

    Okay, I'm sure I made a post before, but if it did get deleted then just let me know.

    Basically I want to know if there's any program for my ubuntu 8.04 server that does what this site would do?
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    [ubuntu] Re: change default www folder

    Thank you, that helped a lot.
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    [ubuntu] change default www folder

    Hi all, I can't seem to remember how to change the default document root folder for apache. I knew that I had done it before though...

    Basically what I want is for /var/www to be able to be...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: run two domains (sites) from one physical server

    traffic comes through because I've set it up to just send traffic to my external IP (24.180.***.***:10910)

    The router is set to forward port 10910 to my server at port 10910, and apache is set to...
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    Re: The BUMP Thread

    a big BUMP for the Michigan LoCo
  17. [ubuntu] help with multi-domain server running on non-standard port

    Okay, so here's my situation. I have a Linksys router running DD-WRT. I also have my Ubuntu 8.04 server, running at (static IP).

    I have set up an account at, and I have...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: run two domains (sites) from one physical server

    @songshu That's sorta what I have currently. I've got a free domain name from, and I'm using their port 80 redirect service.
  19. [ubuntu] Re: run two domains (sites) from one physical server

    okay, and what if currently I'm hosting the first server on a port other than 80 because port 80 is blocked by my ISP (although I'm looking into seeing if I can get it unblocked, or if I'll have to...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: run two domains (sites) from one physical server

    Okay and how would I connect to the second site then? Does Apache run it on another port or something? Or does the apache file just know when to use one and when to use the other?
  21. [ubuntu] run two domains (sites) from one physical server

    Okay, right now I have my Ubuntu 8.04.1 server edition set up for a single website,

    I'd like to know if it's possible to set my machine up to run two...
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    [all variants] phpmyadmin install help

    I have Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server edition, so no GUI, and I've tried installing phpmyadmin before and I noticed it installs into a directory in the /etc/phpymyadmin folder.

    The only problem is that I...
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    64-bit wubi on 32-bit vista

    Hi all, I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ processor, which I know is a 64-bit CPU, but I'm running 32-bit Windows Vista Ultimate. Is there a way for Wubi to install the 64-bit version of Ubuntu and...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: server set to static ip, but router gives it dhcp address

    Okay I've replaced the Linksys default firmware with DD-WRT (which I like because there's a spot to put in static IP leases).

    Hopefully this will always work.
  25. [ubuntu] Re: server set to static ip, but router gives it dhcp address

    when I restart the networking, it uses the settings that I set up in /etc/network/interfaces
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