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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Just coming back to ubuntu - what happened?

    As written, that does not make sense.
    If Ubuntu and Windows are on separate partitions, you may reinstall either at any time.
    Simply update the bootloader after install.

    Er, is your...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Problems with new ubuntu install not detecting mouse or LAN.

    If your hardware will not run the 'Try Ubuntu' environment, then you really should not install.
    Instead, tell us about the problems with the test environment. Too slow? Hardware not recognized? Some...
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    Re: Can't download drivers?

    The system could not install the driver.
    There is a detailed log of the failure at /var/log/jockey.log
    Open that file, and copy-and-paste the contents here.
    Then we can tell you more.
  4. Re: How to keep Ubuntu from changing /usr/sbin/sendmail link?

    Well, I don't use qmail, but the file /usr/sbin/sendmail is installed by the postfix package.

    Do you have postfix installed? If so, do you really need it? You seem to be using qmail as your mta.
  5. [all variants] Re: Cron Task Scheduling with sub Minute control

    No. Cron is designed to run once each minute. There is no setting or config to get sub-minute timings.

    You could tweak the cron source code and compile your own version...but it seems much simpler...
  6. Re: No programs can see BT GPS data, but cat /dev/rfcomm0 works

    Have you checked the hardware compatibility list on the gpsd website?

    Are you sure the device is sending NMEA 0183 strings, or any format recognized by gpsd? Could it be sending some other...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Why does mdadm want postfix?

    mail-transport-agent, which could be any of several possible packages including postfix, is a recommended (not required) dependency of the mdadm package for the reasons already described.

    You can...
  8. Re: No programs can see BT GPS data, but cat /dev/rfcomm0 works

    Well, some of those applications rely upon gpsd. xgps, for example, cannot use NMEA data.

    So what happened when you told gpsd to use /dev/rfcomm0 ?
    An error message?
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    Re: File management

    Strange. I get the file tree that is on the Kindle.
    What are some of these strange folders named?
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    Re: Which Ubuntu ISO do I need???

    Hmmm. If you are unsure which version is appropriate for your hardware, then you probably should not be using the pre-release version.

    Pre-release means breakage is possible. It's not ready for...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Random upload failures via SFTP to headless ubuntu machine.

    Check /var/log/syslog and /var/log/auth.log on the server around the time of disconnection for clues.
    Check /var/log/dmesg on the server for hardware hiccup messages.
  12. Re: 12.04 LTS LIVE CD Crashes, Bugs and comments

    Toshibas are notorious for their ever-changing and non-standard hardware.

    Thanks for helping to make Ubuntu better.

    Unfortunately, your comments are not detailed enough, or in the correct...
  13. Re: Basic questions regarding file storage, symlinks and update alternatives


    /usr/local/ : Tertiary hierarchy for local data installed by the system administrator
    /usr/local/bin : locally compiled binaries, local...
  14. Re: Using Intuit Quickbooks or similar software on Ubuntu

    GnuCash, when I tried it, seemed closer to Quicken (personal accounting) than QuickBooks (business accounting)...though there is quite the fuzzy area in between, and quite a bit of overlap.
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Is it possible to split a LibreOffice Impress file into smaller functional files?

    Splitting the file is easy. The file is simply a zipped set of xml files.

    Let's take a look at the contents of the file:

    me@system:/~$ unzip -l PythonAB.odp # -l flag means 'list the zipfile...
  16. Re: Using Intuit Quickbooks or similar software on Ubuntu

    Great! I've always wanted to try it again....
    Which version?
    Any particular hacks? Or did it just work?
  17. Re: Using Intuit Quickbooks or similar software on Ubuntu

    I have used QuickBooks since 2008.

    Some wine users claim to have gotten some versions of QuickBooks to run under Wine. See
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    [ubuntu] Re: Automate add user

    Running adduser non-interactively: See a (somewhat terse) solution at
  19. [lubuntu] Re: "held broken packages" after a installation (not upgrade), Lubuntu 13.04

    It's not a clean install. You seem to have added a PPA.
    The PPA requires a specific version of libpulse0 (= 1:3.0-0ubuntu4b2) which is not current (1:3.0-0ubuntu6)

    Disable all PPAs and try again.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Anacron won't run??

    Cron tries to e-mail errors to the sysadmin, and this error message is telling you why cron failed and why.
    The sendmail error occurs because a smtp Mail Transport Agent (MTA) is not included with...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Anacron won't run??

    That means anacron is working properly.
    Anacron is clever - it won't run every job after a reboot. It tracks the jobs it runs.
    The problem is with your script, not anacron.

    CaptainMark is right:...
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    Re: software update error

    Please don't print everything on one line. Impossible to tell which line is which.
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    Re: Designating laptop as desktop monitor

    You're right. Look at SSH with X-forwarding.
    One good set of instructions for an OSX laptop is at
  24. [ubuntu] Re: How can I Locate corrupt packages from a status report

    According to , this can happen if a wrong-arch package gets installed. A solution is in there, too.

    First, try reinstalling the 'rar'...
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    Re: Designating laptop as desktop monitor

    Using a direct physical connection (null-modem cable), you can use a laptop as a text-only console. Your laptop's hardware is simply not configured to export your keyboard and monitor to another...
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