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  1. Re: 20.04 LTS - .To Partition or not Partition?

    On the swap partition:

    I usually have separate primary partitions for /boot and /, with /home and the swap partition in the extended area.
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    [ubuntu] Re: iptables rules

    Put the logging rule ahead of a reject one like this:

    iptables -A INPUT -j LOG
    iptables -A INPUT -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-host-prohibited

    and put them both at the bottom of the INPUT...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Want to buy a new printer - what (brand?) works best with Ubuntu?

    I think everything supports Postscript these days except perhaps for HPs. (I haven't owned one in quite a while.) I actually had to switch my Brother into PS mode to print envelopes properly. Works...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Was hacked, and then bitcoin miner installed - need info on protection

    I only hope you learn how to use paragraphs before writing your dissertation.
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    Re: running a command on Startup

    Since 18.04 /etc/rc.local no longer exists in Ubuntu distributions. However, if you create the file and put commands there, they will work. Under systemd, they want us to create "unit" files.
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    [ubuntu] Re: iptables rules

    I don't understand the first three rules. You permit traffic to the lo interface, then block addresses in 127/8. I doubt the second and third rules are ever reached.

    You don't have a logging...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Basic Requirements

    If you give WinXP 1.5 G and leave the rest for the Ubuntu host you should have no problems running on the first machine you mentioned.
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    Re: Dell laptop won't boot from usb

    I suggest using Rufus on a Windows machine to make the USB device. A machine that new probably requires GPT.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Want to buy a new printer - what (brand?) works best with Ubuntu?

    I have a Brother HL-3710CDW which has wifi. I never use it. I just connected the printer to my local network with an Ethernet cable and gave it a static IP address. Every device can print to it...
  10. Re: What is the difference between Shared hosting and WordPress Hosting

    You should consider renting a virtual server at Linode and hosting all your websites yourself. I'll bet it would turn out to be a lot cheaper. You can rent a reasonably hefty VM at Linode for...
  11. Re: Upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 without affecting installed software

    I suggest you install VirtualBox, then install a copy of 20.04 into a virtual machine. Migrate a copy of your database using mysqldump and copy over a website that uses PHP. Do they still work the...
  12. Re: Which would be the best domain name?

    So many of the newer top-level domains are so heavily exploited by spammers that I block incoming mail from them. I'd try to stick to net, com, or org if I were you.
  13. [SOLVED] Re: VirtualBox Installation and Required Extras

    If you have the Extension Pack installed, you'll have access to "Shared Folders" in the Settings for the virtual machine. It will allow you to specify a directory on the host machine that you can...
  14. [SOLVED] Re: VirtualBox Installation and Required Extras

    I follow the instructions on the VirtualBox site to use the Oracle repository. My installation is always up-to-date, and I don't have issues with compiling the kernel module.
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    Re: NFS not mounted at boot

    I'd get rid of the rsize and wsize parameters, or increase them considerably to something like 65536. The value of 8192 was established back when most networks ran 10MBit Ethernet.
  16. Re: Upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 without affecting installed software

    You can tell apt not to upgrade a package with the command

    sudo apt-mark hold packagename

    I don't know how this applies to upgrading to an entirely new release using dist-upgrade.

    See the...
  17. Re: What are you folks doing for self-hosted storage? Recommendations wanted.

    I find DLNA just as stutter-free as NFS even over wifi. I prefer NFS, but there are fewer clients.
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    Re: issues with NFS

    If the mount point is owned by nobody, ordinary users cannot write to it. Try exporting a directory you own on the server like /home/username. Can you mount that?

    NFSv4 has some additional...
  19. [ubuntu_budgie] Re: Configured Dns over TLS ..... Is this good for privacy?

    There isn't anyone between me and the DNS server; that was my point. I generally don't have other people on my wifi network either, and those that do connect have no interest in my DNS queries.
  20. [server] Re: Unable to cast correct spell on systemd service to make it wait

    As I recall, iptables rules can be written to the kernel before the relevant devices are created. On older RedHat machines, the iptables script would be run before the network was started to avoid...
  21. [ubuntu_budgie] Re: Configured Dns over TLS ..... Is this good for privacy?

    All my DNS queries go to a server on my local network running BIND. From my reading of this discussion, encrypting DNS only affects the traffic between the client and the DNS server. As a result I...
  22. Re: Is it possible to enjoy 5.1 or Dolby Atmos audio using headphones under Linux ?

    My Yamaha receiver has a bunch of preset audio profiles. I can also control the level of each speaker. Sometimes I'll make the center channel much louder than the sides, then turn the overall volume...
  23. Re: Sticky IP address that is not provided by DHCP

    Having read your preceding posting, I'd examine the DHCP reservations.
  24. Re: Sticky IP address that is not provided by DHCP

    There might be "reservations" on the DHCP server, stale mappings between MAC addresses and IP addresses. If the addresses are assigned by a Linux server running isc-dhcp-server, you can delete...
  25. [SOLVED] Re: If the only client is an Ubuntu desktop is something like IPCop necessary ?

    Yes, if you connect a computer to the modem's Ethernet jack, you will be directly on the public Internet. I prefer to have a router between the Internet and my internal network, but it is possible to...
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