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    Re: Why do you choose Ubuntu over Windows

    I must admit, with time, I have reverted more and more to windows. I have two laptops, both have windows and one has mint (double boot). The problems in mint were definately not my fault.. indeed I...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Google Picasa error

    Many thanks also..
    I looked at other sites which talked about editing
    but THAT DOES NOT WORK.. this was the only working solution I could find
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    [ubuntu] Re: 9.10 crashed to initramfs

    solved.. foun response at end of another thread:
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    [ubuntu] [SOLVED] 9.10 crashed to initramfs

    I was working on my laptop when the power went. Upon trying to reboot, it dropped to a command line with (initramfs) (apparently its BusyBox v1.13.3)

    I tried booting up in different modes, to no...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: im new to ubuntu and i think i have a bug. i dont know what to do!!!

    yeh.. I've had this.. apparently it is a bug (search these forums).

    erm... I hate to say this because I worry about the consequences if there IS a problem, but what I did is click the box that...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: I Cant run the ubuntu CD upon start up to install

    does your teacher have a copy of ubuntu? I had problems downloading a good copy once, and ended up borrowing and copying a friends copy, which I knew had previously been installed. Always...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: best way of installing xp while still having ubuntu?

    I've reinstalled ubuntu several times with dual boot and also tried virtualisation (virtual box).

    People say virtualisation of xp is faster than running it normally, but I doubt if it makes much...
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    Re: The 10000 Game!


    just happens to be my favourite number!
  9. Re: Unsophisticated/naive user behavior - my take on the win v. lin. v. mac issue

    lol.. naive users should be crushed like the ants they are :D

    well, really I consider myself a naive user. Thing with windows is it leaves you feeling powerless. Often experienced computer users...
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    Re: ubuntu 10.04 new theme revealed!

    don't particularly hate it or love it. I think the default theme should be attractive yet look cool and work like, not like a fun toy. Anyone can change the theme once they get into ubuntu a bit, but...
  11. Re: Longhorn Linux - Microsoft Didn't Want it! But We Did!

    I like it, but the main problem will be that the whole structure of linux is different to windows. WIll people understand the add/remove programs or synaptic? When they buy their hardware won't they...
  12. Re: all internet communication, emails, etc is being screened by NSA

    what a waste of money.. best thing is, to over-load the system by always having key terrorist words in your emails. Hopefull their system will bomb, or it will blow-up their computer.. without any...
  13. Re: What was the last thing that made you say "wow"?

    yeh, heard about using projected information systems, but slightly differently.. many people have phones with internet and GPS, and a gyroscope and thus we can get information directly on everything...
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    Poll: Re: Chrome OS next week?

    well, I am guessing that Google will throw alot of money at this project and try to become a competitor to Windows.

    I don't think chrome OS is targeted at linux users, and doubt if it will be...
  15. Re: Cat Damage and I didn't pay the pet deposit

    ah, you see the problem in law usually comes down to proof. YOU had to show that HE had to return the deposit. Many landlords are dodgy...

    in the last month STOP THE LAST PAYMENT. Then, when he...
  16. Re: Cat Damage and I didn't pay the pet deposit

    ok, this is maybe not the best advice, but I once lived in an apartment which we completely trashed...

    I accidently ripped the toilet out
    A friend broke two glass table tops
    I put my foot...
  17. Re: why ubuntu does not appeal to the general public

    well, I agree with original post. Ubuntu could look fantastic.. look at nubuntu.. it is so cool looking. Not sure why they don't just have a really really great looking ubuntu standard, and then...
  18. Re: By 2013 90% of all IP traffic will be video

    lol handy :D

    video requires lots of disk space, so no wonder it will be 90% of traffic... probably illegal torrenting as well. I'm hoping that most places will have free wireless by then too!
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    Re: anybody happy with karmic?

    that is impressive.. not got 64 bit, but good to see linux is leading in this area
  20. Re: What drives you to free software?... what about proprietary, pushed you to GNU/Li

    I was driven to ubuntu originally by an increasingly slow XP machine and a couple of incidences of viruses (lost all my photographic media with a worm).

    I have never lost data with ubuntu, but I...
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    Poll: Re: What kind of K-X-U-buntu?

    started with gnome and tried them all... I much prefer gnome.. the menu system is perfect and from the start it gives a professional look. KDE messed with my wireless for some reason.
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    Poll: Re: Computer Shutdown Question

    I use a laptop, which should be more resistant to regular shutdowns. Is there really much difference in hibernating or shutting down in terms of lifespan of the computer?

    Actually, I don't have...
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    Poll: Re: vote to change ubuntu release frequency

    yeh, sorry.. didn't even think people would want a shorter time. Though upgrading software is not as bad as windows (i.e. having to learn the stupid and less productive tab system in microsoft office...
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    Re: Lazy OS set-ups!

    I have a cool script that shutsdown in set number of minutes (user input).. could be done from command line (with sudo) but I made it possible without using sudo, and just from launcher...

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    Poll: Re: vote to change ubuntu release frequency

    I agree completely with this. I believe currently LTS is only considered more stable because it is supported for longer (thus has more time for bug fixes). Linux users pride themselves in...
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