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    Populate Contacts With CardDAV

    Using Ubuntu Raring and it comes with Gnome Contacts. I don't have much experience with Gnome and EDS, but it seems like it's all running. I'm wondering if there's a way to populate the EDS via...
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    [all variants] SecureCRT Alternative

    Sorry if this is the wrong section, can be a little confusing.

    I need a SSH manager with support for tabs, tiling, logs, and a few other advanced stuff that while possible through terminal, a...
  3. [ubuntu] What Printer/AiO To Buy For Networking?

    Having gone Ubuntu everywhere on all computers/laptops, I'm still missing a printer/scanner at my place. I usually just email the local print store or stop by to scan things and get things done. ...
  4. [ubuntu] Best Way To Jail/Limit User's SSH Access

    There's quite a bit of talk about jails, ssh, etc. However it's all over the place and am not sure what's the best, current way to go about doing this.

    What I'm looking to do is create users that...
  5. Re: Best Music Sync Options for Ubuntu + Android

    Just a quick update in case someone comes across this. doubleTwist DOES in find find and recognize m3u playlists. It turns out all I had to do was 'rebuild' the library from the settings menu in...
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    [ubuntu] Xbox 360 Video Sharing

    I am looking to build a small little file server and share it over various protocols on my network. However, the primary reason for doing this is to share my large video library with my Xbox 360.
  7. Re: Best Music Sync Options for Ubuntu + Android

    Yeah. I just tried this and it did the same thing. m3u files in a Playlists folder. Which is awesome. Never noticed that before.

    Turns out that doubleTwist doesn't recognize m3u playlists...
  8. Re: Best Music Sync Options for Ubuntu + Android

    Interesting. Thanks for coming back and posting that. I'll have to check again whether the .m3u files are being transferred over to my microSD and if my app supports it. If not, I guess I'll just...
  9. Re: Best Music Sync Options for Ubuntu + Android

    That's too bad. I'm sure someone has a solution. There's no way everyone here is going without the use of Playlists.
  10. Best Music Sync Options for Ubuntu + Android

    First of all, this is my first thread here. Been using Ubuntu exclusively for a while and absolutely love it. I think desktop Linux is finally getting to a really stable, usable platform for...
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