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  1. Re: Unable to install from USB on an Acer v5-123

    I second the advice of Phoyce2. It seems that even the supplier of the graphics card supports it only in the beta-version of the driver. I think the best way is to try the installatin recipy and...
  2. Re: Unable to install from USB on an Acer v5-123

    The graphics chipset is certainly a problem. See how I solved that problem and installed xubuntu on my V5-123. Hope it helps for you.

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    [ubuntu] Re: SiS 771/671 Mirage 3 Video Drivers!?!?

    Thanks. It worked!

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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 8.10 & Fujitsu Esprimo V5535

    > [QUOTE=Jayfell;6236505]Like MunkyJunky, I too have a Fujitsu Seimens
    > Esprimo V5535 laptop purchased for my wife.
    > I had it dual boot with Vista. Screen resoltion for Vista is
    > 1024x800...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Intrepid on V5535

    I run Ubuntu Hardy (v.8.04) on a V5535. Although there were problems to be solved (resolution of the screen, network cards) Ubuntu ran well from the beginning. So, maybe you can give Hardy a try.
  6. [all variants] Re: Tomcat5.5 doesn't write logfiles in Hardy

    I can answer this question myself: I had made a mess of java-packages. As a result /etc//alternatives pointed to binaries that belonged to another java-distribution than the one in the JAVA_HOME...
  7. [all variants] [SOLVED] Tomcat5.5 doesn't write logfiles in Hardy

    I installed tomcat5.5, tomcat5.5-admin and tomcat5.5-webapps. It seems to work, but /var/log/tomcat5.5 remains empty and so does /usr/share/tomcat5.5/logs. Does anybody know how I can get logfiles...
  8. Re: Tomcat5.5 won't install properly via apt-get

    Maybe writing JAVA_HOME in /etc/default/tomcat5.5 helps.
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