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    Re: Do any of you still have a netbook?

    I have an acer aspire one d-250 with 10 inch screen. I run ubuntu gnome 15.04 and have been surprised how well it runs on this machine. I did replace the original hard drive with a ssd. I get very...
  2. Brother HL-2270DW printer driver install: Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit versions

    I have posted instructions on my blog for installing Brother HL-2270DW printer drivers for 64 bit versions of Ubuntu. This printer requires modification of it's drivers to work for 64 bit versions of...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Sync Evolution, Outlook and iPhone

    I use the same solution as you do.
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I have for my desktop, however I am using my desktop computer much less since my wife gave me an IPad2. I have win xp as a dual boot on my main machine, however I cannot remember the last time I...
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    Member of this forum since 2006

    I have been a member of this forum since 2006 and I cannot change my user information because I do not have enough posts. I understand this policy was enacted to prevent spam. This is a poorly...
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    [all variants] How to Recover Deleted Pictures

    I posted some information on how I recovered deleted pictures off of my hard drive. The steps are posted on my blog at
  7. [SOLVED] cpu usage 100% on login r/t apt-get, synaptic pkg manager

    A post on problems I had and what I did to fix them.

    Problem: CPU usage at 100% on login. System monitor showed apt-get, synaptic package manager, and aptchk? using all the CPU. The system felt...
  8. Re: Brother HL-2270DW printer driver install: Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit

    Thanks pinegreen for letting us know that. I have not taken the time to test both drivers and test all the features of the printer with both drivers. I can report that I have not had any problems...
  9. Re: Brother HL-2270DW printer driver install: Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit

    Are you using the 64 bit version of Ubuntu?
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    [ubuntu] Re: iphone 5.0 help

    So is there a confirmation that this works for adding music to the iPhone 4s?
    I am able to mount and copy files to my iPhone 4s, but the phone does not add the mp3 files to its music database and...
  11. [ubuntu] need help for iPhone 4s sync and Ubuntu 11.10

    I need help syncing my music between my Ubuntu 11.10 desktop and my iPhone 4s. Pictures sync has not been a problem. Amarock does not recognize the device. Rhythmbox sees the iPhone but wants to...
  12. Brother HL-2270DW printer driver install: Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit

    Second Addendum: Posts below this one state that the Brother 2170W driver works for the 2270DW printer, however I am not recommending the 2170W driver. I have not used the 2170W driver and do not...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can't set up Brother HL-2270DW under 11.04

    But are you running 11.04 (Your signature says 10.10). This thread is specific to 11.04. I was having problems with 11.04 64-bit and wifi printing. I am following brothers website install...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Will I lose my raid array if I reinstall Ubuntu?

    Thanks for following up with the RAID information. I just installed a RAID 1 for my backup data and this answers some questions I had. I have had a difficult time finding information out about linux...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Software RAID 1 setup

    No one has replied, but I will post in case anyone else has similar questions in the future.

    Syncing finished and so far everything seems to be working.
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    [SOLVED] Software RAID 1 setup

    Problem: I want to have offsite copies of my /home and media backups. I do not want to use web based solutions (time, money, control). The plan is to back up my data to 1 TB drive and then mirror...
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    [SOLVED] Re: [B]File Manager Doesn't work in Docky[/B]

    I am using 10.10 64 bit. I also could not open nautilus from docky with the command: "nautilus". I had to change the command to "nautilus /home/[user name]

    What worked for me was...
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