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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Virtual disk drive not recognized by wine

    I just had to add the folder as a wine drive in wine's configure panel.
  2. [SOLVED] Virtual disk drive not recognized by wine

    I am trying to run You Don't Know Jack in wine - appdb says it has Platinum status, so compatibility shouldn't be the issue. My laptop doesn't have an optical disk drive. So, I ripped the disk to...
  3. [gnome] Re: Icons in dropdowns and customizing nautilus toolbar

    I hate to bump but I would like an answer to these questions - I need to know if I have to reinstall.
  4. [gnome] Also the volume changing applet?

    The volume changing applet is also not available. That makes me think that perhaps the install was incomplete somehow...surely the volume applet for gnome-panel isn't gone by default?
  5. [gnome] Icons in dropdowns and customizing nautilus toolbar

    Not sure if this is just GNOME 2.30 removing customization ability, but I can't find how to add icons to the menu dropdowns and customize the nautilus toolbar (put text below buttons, etc) in Lucid. ...
  6. [gnome] Bash scripts won't launch from gnome-menu unless they cd into target directory

    This is very odd, but whenever I make a launcher in gnome-menu or gnome-panel that launches a shell script, they will not work properly unless the script explicitly cd into the directory where the...
  7. [gnome] Re: Deluge only works properly when run with sudo

    I think there was just an initialization problem. After running it with sudo and then quitting normally, the program works properly now. Never mind.
  8. [gnome] [SOLVED]Deluge only works properly when run with sudo

    My laptop was running deluge and shutdown abruptly due to low battery. Now, when I click the icon, the "Starting Deluge..." entry appears in the taskbar, but goes away and nothing happens. When run...
  9. Re: Can't click in Flash applets sometimes [video]

    Thanks for the reply. That looks like it should work. I installed the native 64 bit flash plugin and that also solved the problem. If I discover the problem instead I will try your fix as well.
  10. Can't click in Flash applets sometimes [video]

    I can't actuate Flash interface elements (buttons in Youtube videos, the Pandora interface, etc)sometimes. Some youtube videos, for whatever reason, will not accept clicks. The applet registers the...
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    Sticky: Re: How to join this team

    Hi, I'm a student at the University of Delaware. I live in Newark and Wilmington DE. I'm interested in seeing what I can do to help this group. I've been using Ubuntu for a while on various...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Evolution no longer using libnotify in Jaunty

    It actually looks like only Pidgin is working with libnotify. Twitux, a twitter client using libnotify, also is no longer seen by the notification daemon.
  13. [ubuntu] Evolution no longer using libnotify in Jaunty

    Evolution used to make use of libnotify, but after I uninstalled and reinstalled evolution, it no longer appears in the notification area, and I do not recieve libnotify alerts from new emails.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Fatal error compiling newest NAIM

    I have solved the problem. wresize was contained in libncurses5-dev, which I installed. The source did not compile cleanly still, but replacing the configure file with an unmodified configure file...
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    [ubuntu] Fatal error compiling newest NAIM

    I am attempting to compile the newest version of NAIM. The version in the repos are one version behind the most recent release. I need this version because it allows users to appear as mobile,...
  16. Thread: Stumpwm

    by dai_vernon

    [ubuntu] Re: Stumpwm

    When you run the C-t ? command, look at what the C-t c command says. It should say exec xterm. For me, when I installed stumpwm through apt-get, it said exec x-terminal-emulator. ...
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    [all variants] Re: Error: Dependancy not satisfyable

    Thanks, both of you. I had already tried building from source but there was no makefile and I didn't care enough to try and generate one. I downloaded the hardy package and everything works now. I...
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    [all variants] Error: Dependancy not satisfyable

    I am trying to install Astromenace, a game available in binary or source for linux. Development appears to have stopped, and it looks to depend on a library that is not in modern repos: ...
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    [other] Re: Architecture on the Sys76 netbook?

    If you are really jonesing for an ARM netbook look up this:

    Not out yet but looks great. Not that I won't be getting my sys76 netbook :)
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    [ubuntu] Re: Specs are out on the netbook!

    I personally couldn't be more thrilled.
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    [other] Re: change the size of the root partition?

    Yes, just not while you have booted from it. Download an ubuntu live CD and go to system > administration > Partition Editor and resize from there
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    [ubuntu] Re: Virtualbox has destroyed my Network

    So, like, in true ghost in the machine fashion, everything is better now for absolutely no reason.

    All I did between then and now was boot the old kernel version. I am now back in 2.6.27-11 and...
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    [ubuntu] Virtualbox has destroyed my Network

    This has happened twice.

    I have a perfectly running Ubuntu 8.10 installation and I attempt to install Virtualbox from through add/remove. It installs fine but soon after, the system has a kernel...
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    [ubuntu] Allowing access to /dev/video0

    EDIT: Never mind, fixed it myself
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't Install KShowMail

    I remember when I came to ubuntu from a version of opensuse that didn't do dependency tracking for you, when I first saw the terminal tell me that it would get the, like, 20 dependencies that I...
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