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    Re: mysql daemon allready running

    Thanks for that code, it helped me as well!
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Make mouse toggle permanent using psmouse module

    Thanks for that, I've been wondering how to get over that hurdle (saves me from rebooting).

    Any idea how to make it work on the touchpad toggle button???

    That would be grande!
  3. [ubuntu] Re: ATI Radeon HD4650 1G DDR3 Laptop Graphics Card

    The beauty of getting the drivers from ATI is that they update them regularly, so they get rid of the bugs a lot quicker than what ubuntu can do. In saying this the updates can change things a bit. ...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: ATI Radeon HD4650 1G DDR3 Laptop Graphics Card


    I've got a HD4570 laptop video card & I've got it working (3D compiz fusion) by downloading the drivers from the AMD website. I'm pretty sure it'll work for you. Good thing is they have 32 &...
  5. Re: HowTo: Compiz Fusion in Hardy on cards with "ati"/"radeon" open source drivers

    Thanks for the tip, straight forward & it worked :)

    I tried it on my gf's notebook toshiba tecra A1 and it brought compiz-fusion and awn back to life.

    Much appreciated.
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