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  1. [SOLVED] Re: getting an error when working with nginx and certbot

    You are trying to make it run on port 443 without SSL?

    Why not configure it on port 80 without SSL to get it running so you can run certbot which "should" add the 443 port and links to the certs? ...
  2. [server] Re: Higher idle power consumption after removing cloud-init

    So higher power consumption with legacy installer (which does not include cloud-init) and then manually installing cloud-init lowers the consumption?

    I am curious now what cloud-init does...
  3. [server] Re: Higher idle power consumption after removing cloud-init

    Do you get the same behavior if you use the legacy installer which does not include cloud-init?

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    [server] Re: sharing samba users

    I would utilize groups. Users can be in multiple groups. You can have "grp_users" assigned to the share for full read/write capability which allows all users to connect to the share and then limit...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Mail Server Not Sending Emails to iPhone

    Is the 25% that can be seen the latest 25%? Could it be a setting on the client that says only pull the last 4 days of email (for example)?

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    Re: Tool to monitor logs

    Well, wouldn't you need to EVERY error message/code in order to know what needs to be emailed or not? You might grep for "ERROR" but what if one of the messages said "CRITICAL" instead? You could...
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    Re: Tool to monitor logs

    I tend to monitor services to ensure everything is running as it should such as MariaDB responding to queries, web sites replying with an OK response, disk space, RAM/CPU/Swap utilization, zombie...
  8. [lubuntu] Re: Migrating from Centos 7 to Ubuntu 20.04

    Are you planning on using Desktop? The headless server is just a matter of modifying the /etc/netplan/*.yaml file that is in there...if using the "classic" install which does not include the...
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    Re: Lets Encrypt on multiple servers

    I've had a dozen different domains / sites all pointing to the exact same IP and did not have an issue with Let's Encrypt.

    Apache directs incoming traffic to a specific web site via the incoming...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Time to build a server with old hardware.

    Except for T-800 and T-1000 models. (Terminator movie reference)
  11. Re: Is it possible to remove a failed disk from mdadm RAID 5/6 before adding new one?

    My experience has only been with hardware RAID so I cannot comment to mdadm best practice.

    If this was hardware RAID, I would +1 for removing the "failed" drive first. If a drive failed in RAID...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: Time to build a server with old hardware.

    Assuming /Vol10 is your mount point and the mount point NOT mounted, run these commands:

    sudo echo "This file is used to tell if the mount is active or not" > /Vol10/offline.txt
    sudo chown...
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    Re: vsftpd error on connecting

    Here is how I configured vsftpd to use SSL on Ubuntu Server 18.04 (when I dealt with a bank for EDI transactions...but now I don't so I will likely not update that tutorial for 20.04+)

    How to...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Server Pre-install issues (see attachment)

    I assume you are using the "live" ISO image you get by default when downloading Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS.

    Try the legacy image that uses the Debian-based installer to see if you get different...
  15. Re: Tablet 32GB boot and 512GB SD card make as one?

    I already gave you a link that shows every command you need.

    You just need to substitute the device/drive paths in the tutorial for your devices....e.g. /dev/sd* ---> /dev/mmc*
  16. [SOLVED] Re: Time to build a server with old hardware.

    For mount points, I like to create an "offline.txt" file in there so that when the mount is successful, you do NOT see the text file. But if you do, you know the mount is "offline" hehehe.
  17. Re: Tablet 32GB boot and 512GB SD card make as one?

    Like TheFu and others said, we do not recommend the combination like do it, follow what TheFu said. To make this easier to understand....TAKE OUT THE 512GB card.

    Install onto the...
  18. Re: Are there any good tutorial - documentation software that meets my needs?

    Potential candidate: MoinMoin wiki

    1. Seems to work with all browsers except Safari.
    2. Can host internally.
    3. CollapsibleSection
    4. EmbedObject
    5. Info tab -> Revision history
    6. Templates...
  19. Re: Tablet 32GB boot and 512GB SD card make as one?

    You could set it up so that the boot and root are on the 32GB and all others are on the 512GB such as /var, /usr, /home, /opt and /tmp

    I have documented how to slice up partitions using the...
  20. Re: Swap file second harddrive ubuntu server

    As a server admin, I try my best to ensure my servers are NEVER touching swap. Once it needs to swap out of RAM and into swap won't matter much if it is ssd or nvme. Best performance...
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    Re: hotspot as a server

    I have actually done this before with an Ubuntu laptop a couple years ago. When my ISP at home was not working well for months (there were chewed up cables at a junction box) I had to use my...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: How to reuse Lets Encrypt certificate for another application

    If your web site is the exact same URL (and just on different ports) then yes, the cert can be used by multiple need to copy the files around, just point the sites config directly to the...
  23. [server] Re: Unknown permission status for class system

    As you said, there just isn't any reference material in Ubuntu about that specific error. SystemD seems to be working despite the error. You mentioned there is a message when editing root-level...
  24. [server] Re: Unknown permission status for class system

    Yes, there are a lot of .service files. That is expected. I was just giving you a place to look if the two I mentioned did not exist. However, they do and it seems they are actively...
  25. [server] Re: Unknown permission status for class system

    Let's see if systemd is responding and doing its job. Check the status of various systems that should be "active"

    systemctl status cron

    systemctl status unattended-upgrades

    It has been...
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