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  1. [ubuntu] Re: How do you create 3D stereoscopic movies on Linux?

    Hi Yfrwlf,

    Thanks for checking it out again.

    I just downloaded it from sourceforge and it gave me the newest version.
    If you enter it without any arguments it should give you output with a...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: How do you create 3D stereoscopic movies on Linux?

    :popcorn: FIXED - or at least a workaround.

    I uploaded the new version to the Sourceforge page:


    It seems that the x264 encoder was the...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: How do you create 3D stereoscopic movies on Linux?

    EDIT: Sorry.. just noticed that you had already linked to my script! I had experienced the prerolling issue during development but it had been ironed out and working ( for me 'only?' it seems ). ...
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    Skype Microphone Input Volume - SOLVED

    Skype v2.1.0.81 uses pulse audio but the mic problem persists.

    The trick is that the 'input' to configure only appears when it is in use!

    Start the pulse audio manager paman (or run...
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    [ubuntu] Re: USB Permission Error

    neither usbmount nor pmount were installed on this fresh ubuntu lucid system.

    sudo apt-get install pmount

    followed by a reboot fixed the usb mount issues for me.
  6. [ubuntu_mobile] Re: how good is is the lucid lynx on old slow hardware?

    My experience:
    Fresh install on a 1.6Ghz Pentium M based Compaq Evo N620c with 512MB ram and ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 ( very little video ram.. 16mb? ) driving a 1400x1050 lcd.

    It seemed very...
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    [ubuntu] DVD-Slideshow Re: dvd slide show program needed

    After writing what follows, I found the linux package dvd-slideshow on the web:

    Check out the links near the bottom of that page as I'm sure...
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    Re: bzflag issues after gutsy upgrade

    I have a similar problem. I try to start bzflag and it crashes the gui!

    I was able to start it on.

    One possible hint to a problem.. and if anyone else can reproduce this please...
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