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    [ubuntu] Ssh connect slow..

    I have an issue when using SSH from my Ubuntu 11.04 machine to anywhere else (worked fine under 10.10), the connection takes 12-16 seconds.

    I've read all the posts about UseDNS no, and other...
  2. Poll: Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    Upgraded from Fiesty to Gutsy via update-manager.

    A few minor issues like it's hard to keep the NVIDIA drivers installed and restricted-manager doesn't work well from the command line (what...
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    Re: A Beginner "How To" for gtkrc themes.

    "gtkrc" question for somebody out there. It's driving me crazy.

    On a gtkrc theme I've got - it's a darker theme - the inactive menu items and text in inactive windows seem to have a white drop...
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