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  1. [ubuntu] Re: 12.04.2 - wifi not working with some routers

    I noticed that it's the same for me, now that i'm on vacation. The apartment has an Sitecom CFE888, and i have an ubuntu 13.04. All other devices can connect to it, and the windows on my dual boot...
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    Crowdfunded games for Linux May/June

    Some current games needing your support to make it to Linux.
  3. Linuxgames on their way that needs your support right now!

    Checked out some projects that has promised Linuxversions, and are ending soon. Please help them.
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    [lubuntu] Re: Intel HD4000 video

    I have a Intel 4000 in my machine, and running raring i get:
    :Sometimes a black screen on loging screen (but can login anyway, typing in the dark so to say
    :Strange graphic glitches in Firefox.
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    Death Inc for Linux on kickstarter

    This looks amazing, and has a Linux goal.
    Still, it's only a couple of hours left. Please them and spread the word. We can't miss this game!
  6. Re: Next dreamfall coming to linux if you help fund it on kickstarter

    Will help them now anyway, and thank them for the linuxversion
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    Did a couple of years ago, never looked back since. I'm lucky enough to also run Ubuntu at work.I don't like Mac OS at all , and Windows 8 is not for me. I like to have the power beneath the hood...
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    Re: Crowdfunding games wiki is up!

    Great, Thanks! We should have a wiki for other crowdfunded linuxrelatedstuff too.
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    Re: Akaneiro added Linuxport in targets!

    YES! Well support it then, and hope it gets funded:)
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    Akaneiro added Linuxport in targets!

    Akaneiro by creator of McGees Alice has added Linuxsupport if funded!!
    Now big games are starting to come to linux.
  11. Indiegogo campaign for Torque 3d to Linux.

    There's a campaign for porting Torque 3D to Linux at Indiegogo Good, Bad thing is, it's only a few days left, and it doesn't look too good:( So, if ypu...
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    Re: Ongoing crowdfunding campaigns

    Started an wikipage for this
  13. Re: Discussion -

    Great, but it really should be moved to

    What do you say, would that be ok?

    to cover kickstarter, indiegogo and more.
  14. Divine Space - Linux and other platforms needs help

    This great space/edu project for Linux and other platforms are in the risk of not making it - it's in their final kickstarthours. Please support them if you can, Linux can't have to many...
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    [all variants] Re: AMD/Intel Hybrid Graphics works !

    I just tried the suggested tricks in the first post on my relatives new hp g6 1300 which uses intel/amd hybrid graphics.
    No luck:( Too bad, my relative wanted to try unity 3d, but after messing...
  16. [all variants] Re: How to install applications for all users?

    I would also like to know this. I'm doing a laptop setup with a clean dual boot configuration of win 7/ubuntu 9.10.
    I will use the predone image for a lot of my companys computers later.
    I want to...
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