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  1. [ubuntu] Re: virt-manager loads\displays any remote resources slowly

    I wanted to make sure how things are and it seems that using a new version of virt-manager from:
    Solves the slowdowns, however there is a drawback and I cannot see in...
  2. [ubuntu] virt-manager loads\displays any remote resources slowly

    I have two kvm hypervisors ubuntu 14.04 host for a while and I am having very slow virt-manager display and response times.
    When I am connecting using ssh from an ubuntu desktop I am getting the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: disable network for stadard usesrs

    You can use iptables for the task using output rules to match a user or group id.
    Another solution will be to force a local proxy such as squid with authentication\authorization.
    And you can...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to SSH or HTTPS into server from outside of LAN

    Have you tried to see tcpdump output while you try to connect from the outside network?
    In networking this will be the first step ever to see if anything comes in from the router.
    Kind of binary...
  5. Re: Squid proxy content filter with good reporting

    I must admit that you are asking for something that might not be possible...
    In general what you need to do is use special log format and then extract the data from there if needed assuming it is...
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    Re: bandwidth saturation on server

    There are apache plugins which does exactly that and you can select different rates for lan and wan connections.
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    Re: Server install - using VMs or go native

    I would recommend you to use another solution rathern then KVM unless needed.
    Some do prefer virtual machines but it's not always a good practice.
    It will might help you on live migration but you...
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    Re: (Squid) adding trusted domain

    It's a bit more complicated then that.
    Squid by itself do not care about the domain you as a user belongs to.
    Also it depends on what helpers you are using to authenticate the clients.
    Since it a...
  9. Re: Update claims no more space. Inode usage almost full. Manual clean up: missing de

    If you can run the command:
    "touch /home/1 && ls /home/1"
    as root and you can see the result of the ls you are ok by inodes point of view then the issue is not INODES but deb db or any-other issue...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Network traffic routing?

    For each protocol you will need a differet proxy.
    In most cases it's being used only for http and if needed something like sql you just use another db name and there for there is no need for...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: 12.04 Server - can't get GRUB to boot from second MD RAID disk

    You probably need to replicate\copy\rsync the /boot partition from one drive to the other since it contains the kernel and other stuff.
    The /boot partition should not be mdam raid partition.
  12. [ubuntu] Re: 12.04 Server - can't get GRUB to boot from second MD RAID disk

    Why would you need to reinstall grub on the OS??
    Just run grub-install .. or use the grub cli to setup the device properly.
    Take a look at:...
  13. Re: configuring software raid5 (mdadm) on ubuntu server 12.04.4 LTS

    How about LVM raid? instead of mdam?
    What is the issue? when you have issues with the drive it's either the drive or the MB controller or the disk controller.
    It seems that in the case of a disk...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Server 14.04 No Video After GRUB

    How about failsafe mode?
  15. Thread: LDAP replication

    by elico

    Re: LDAP replication

    The link to the guide is broken giving me 404 page not found.
  16. Thread: squid proxy

    by elico

    Re: squid proxy

    You know it's not really an error...
    Squid is a caching service and in most cases there is a need for a caching directory.
    In anyway since squid is pretty smart it's better to have a small cache...
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    XRDP and\or vnc server on 14.04

    For quite some time I wanted to install a terminal server on ubuntu.
    Since gnome3 I havn't been able to run one.
    I want to use RDP or VNC to connect remotely into the terminal server for basic...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Step-by-step Installing and Configure Lusca Proxy Server in Ubuntu Server 12.04

    I am not sure if 4GB of ram will be enough for 100GB of aufs cache but if it works fine and without swapping then fine.
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    [ubuntu] DRBD on 12.04, works??

    I have tried to install DRBD on 12.04 server and I found myself in a very weird situation which the userland tools is on version 3.3.X and the module is 3.4.2.
    Since there was changes from 3.3.X to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Receive mail problem

    I suggest you to try the postfix mailing list and also take a look at:

    This gives you all the knowledge you need to know on a full mail server.
    There are...
  21. Thread: SNMP Help

    by elico

    [all variants] Re: SNMP Help

    SNMP allows targets which meant to send data from the software\router to the server.
    It called targets.

    Most of SNMP supported devices choice will be pulling and not pushing from the server side....
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    Re: Need dns cache-dnsmasq

    I would suggest you to use Bind and dhcpd and also add on the way webmin and you will get a server that gives you good interface and results for your needs.
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    [all variants] Re: Easy Proxy Server?

    and what about a Fully working without bugs squid + ubuntu?
    what iso did you found?
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    [all variants] Re: Easy Proxy Server?

    i maintains couple squid instances for more then 2 years and authentication seems to work great for me.
    if you are having troubles with auth i will be more then happy to assist you in it here or...
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    [all variants] Re: Easy Proxy Server?

    you need a "VPN server" with nat and routing capability.
    squid i a fine product.
    i suppose you have windows client.
    so you can use "poptop" as pptp server and use iptables on the remote machine r...
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