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    Poll: Re: Do you wear a watch?

    yep... i wear a Victorinox Swiss Army watch-works like a charm
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    Re: Very Lightweight dock?

    I use Cairo-dock with much less ram on a ibm thinkpad centrino and it works great
  3. Re: In what part of the World Ubuntu is popular the most ?

    My father runs a school in Namuwango, Uganda. I am currently installing Ubuntu on all the donated computers and setting up a wireless network for the school. If anyone wants to see the school and the...
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    What is your favorite beer?

    I love beer. Tell me about your favorite beer or brewery and do not forget to mention what country it comes from.

    My favorites are a Cask Black IPA in Winter and Triple Sour Raspberry in the...
  5. Re: What could be a cheap alternative to IPAD?

    google is making one , just amounced last week
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    Re: Counting to 500 Before Mod Resets!

  7. Re: How can I explain the basics of computers to my mom?

    windows for dummies

    and if you have to explain things to her MAKE IT FUN somehow, smile and laugh a lot with her, do not show your frustration;)
  8. Re: Google Chrome Tablet From HTC Coming In November

    I agree and the wow factor for me was the price. I think if they can keep the price below 300$ then it cud be a game changer
  9. Google Chrome Tablet From HTC Coming In November

    Read the article here:

    and tell us what you think.;)
  10. Re: Best mod closing line when locking a thread....

  11. Re: For those who doubt about The power of linux Ubuntu

    Are you kidding me? Those were beautiful. I bought a condo this past april and the first night i ordered out some supper but i had to go downstairs to let the driver in as the buzzer wasn't connected...
  12. Re: Favorite Desktop Mods or Enhancements

    I really like overglosed - check it out here
  13. Poll: Re: Who is your favorite late night TV host?

    you are right....after carson he is my second
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    Re: Count to 200 - BEFORE MOD RESETS BACK TO ONE!

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    Re: The person below you game


    the person below me is not wearing pants
  16. Poll: Who is your favorite late night TV host?

    Jay Leno
    Craig Ferguson
    Jimmy Kimmel
    David Letterman
    Johnny Carson
    Craig Kilborn
    Arsenio Hall
    Jon Stewart
    Jimmy Fallon
    Conan O'Brian
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    Poll: Re: Anyone have USB 3.0 yet?

    not right away buti'm sure i'll have to some day
  18. Re: ITT: YAY, the forums work again !!

    What about me? Can I get a thank you?
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    [SOLVED] Re: ctrl+alt+del equivalent?

    i think i'll take that advice as well-cheers-
  20. Re: What crazy food does your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife make you eat?

    hahahahahahaha too funny:KS
  21. Re: Adblock+, NoScript, Ghostery... Redundant?

    Adblock really slowed my firefox down-so i use NoScript and betterprivacy-i never heard of Ghostery but I will chech it out-however i think redundancy could be a good thing sometimes-if you know what...
  22. What crazy food does your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife make you eat?

    My girlfriend put my basket of blueberries in the freezer without telling me. The next night she came over and we ate them while watching a movie. I made the mistake of telling her how much I loved...
  23. Re: Whats your opinion about 'Inception'?

    it's a must see in the theater and i say see it twice because the second time is much more enjoyable- if you liked the first matrix movie then this is on track with that- less philosophy but more...
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    [ubuntu] Re: i am a newbie and happy to be here

    thanx, I will do that, i can't take any chances-cheers
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    [ubuntu] Re: i am a newbie and happy to be here

    sorry, thought first one was in wrong forum, this is first time i ever even posted a post on the web :)
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