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    Re: Ubuntu compatible label printers?

    I ended up getting the Brother P-Touch QL-500 from Amazon and it worked great! I have made a post on our blog with a summary of our research and a list of other Ubuntu-compatible printers. See...
  2. Re: Security of /tmp and GPG encrypted files

    It might be worth checking out Keepass or TrueCrypt as a way to solve this problem.
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    Re: Recommendations for back up drive

    You might want to take a look at DiskStations by Synology, they are extremely reliable network storage devices which support SSH etc.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: I lost the sound on ubuntu after attempting a change with the "Sound" ap

    I had a similar problem some years ago. Try running the command alsamixer, it could be one of your mixes is muted.
  5. Re: Installing Ubuntu on new Windows Laptop

    I would also strongly suggest making a recovery disk in case you ever need to re-install Windows again (like if you're going to send in the computer for warranty repairs). Most computers come with a...
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    Ubuntu compatible label printers?

    Hey Ubuntu community,

    I am an avid Ubuntu user and use Ubuntu on my work machine. I have a small eBay business and have finally bitten the bullet and decided to get a real label printer instead of...
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