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  1. [all variants] How to get/set samplerate for firewire device on ALSA using snd_bebop ?

    It was a positive surprise to see my Presonus Firebox firewire audio interface showing up as an ALSA device after installing Xubuntu Xenial. The Firebox is able to run 24bit on 96KHz. It works fine....
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    [SOLVED] Re: xfce4-mixer package missing

    I found the answer myself in this very disappointing thread:
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    [SOLVED] xfce4-mixer package missing

    Anybody knows what has happened to xfce4-mixer in Xenial ? I always installed that one in addition to the default pulseaudio based mixer, because xfce4-mixer allowed mixing much more "close to the...
  4. [xubuntu] SOLVED: Cannot register additional URL handlers (for SIP)

    I am using XUbuntu 12.04 and I want to register an additional URL handler that starts my preferred softphone (jitsi) from Thunderbird. There are a couple of extensions that promise that, but they all...
  5. [ubuntu] how can I identify wireless protocol version (b,g or n) in use ?

    Is there a way to identify the protocol version (b,g or n) in use for a particular wireless connection ?
    thanks for any help, Mark
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Use filename extension instead of content type to choose default application ?

    Thanks a lot! That solved something that annoyed me for a long time...
  7. [SOLVED] Use filename extension instead of content type to choose default application ?

    I would like to associate the default application for a certain file type "the old way" by using the filename extension (*.doc etc.) instead of the file contents. The reason for this is the...
  8. [xubuntu] configure XFCE drag&drop on desktop to move by default ?

    The problem has been mentioned before, but I could not find a real answer to the problem: By default XFCE copies files that are dragged into a folder on the desktop. I see this as really bad design....
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    [kubuntu] Re: Install Simon in Precise?

    There is a new PPA that includes a Precise build:
  10. [ubuntu] new PPA for simon-listens speech recognition - including "Precise" build

    For those who are interested in the "simon-listens" speech recognition system: There is a new PPA that includes a 12.04 "Precise" build:
  11. [xubuntu] Choose application for XML file by filename extension, not type XML ?

    I do have the problem that in Xubuntu all files of type XML are being opened with one single application. It does not matter if it is an ardour session, or a .kst file for the KDE plot program,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: download BBC Olympics catch up video

    I am in Scotland and I have heard that the BBC restricts access to their recorded and live content via geo-ip information. You probably need a proxy in the UK in order to access the pages.
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    [ubuntu] download BBC Olympics catch up video

    Has anybody managed to download one of the "catch up" video streams from the BBC Olympics site ? I tried with get_iplayer, but these streams do no seem to show up there. They have a URL format like:...
  14. [ubuntu] Tell synaptic to keep/ignore a broken package ?

    How can I stop apt/synaptic from wanting to remove a broken package everytime I start synaptic or apt ? I force-installed the package in question (simon-listens voice recognition), because it works...
  15. [xubuntu] Re: mouse cursor stuck at drag symbol (hand) and not usable

    I think there is more to this bug and it is not just Firefox to blame: I have experienced the same problem with FileZilla and the KeePass password safe running through Mono. In contrast to other...
  16. [ubuntu] uk mirror almost unusable

    I wonder if it is just me or if others having the same problem:
    I am observing extremely low speeds and timeouts on the uk mirror since this weekend (1st. July 2012). Switching...
  17. [xubuntu] HowTo let xfburn detect your external CD/DVD burner

    I had the problem that xfburn was unable to detect my external USB CD/DVD burner. The problem lies in UDEV wrongly identifying the device with ID_TYPE=floppy. See this bug:...
  18. [xubuntu] xubuntu login extremely slow when home encrypted

    I notice on several Xubuntu installations that it takes a long time (about 90 seconds) until I get a desktop when logging in with a user who has an encrypted home directory. This even happens in a...
  19. [xubuntu] mouse cursor stuck at drag symbol (hand) and not usable

    On my Xubuntu installation the mouse cursor gets sometimes stuck in drag mode (hand symbol) and although the mouse cursor moves, both mouse and keyboard are unusable.
    Does anybody has the same...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Starling (star1) Skype 2.2 Crashes

    I tried Skype 2.2 on 10.04 Lucid (Kubuntu). It just does not work. It crashes with a simple "Aborted" message in the console. I was unable to roll back to 2.1 because it does not show up in the list...
  21. [ubuntu] Best IAX2 softphone / non SIP alternatives to Skype ?

    Can anybody recommend a good IAX2 softphone that can be used with Asterisk VoIP providers like Voiptalk ?
    I do not want to use SIP because of its issues with NAT and firewall traversal.

  22. [kubuntu] Re: Night mode color temperature (F.lux or Redshift) for KDE ?

    I already shifted to Redshift - it is completely opensource and it has more options and a working tray icon that lets you toggle the nightmode.
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Using Startech ECUSB3S2 USB 3.0 Expresscard on Ubuntu 10.04

    I just got the same card and tried it on Ubuntu 10.04 (32bit). Works perfectly here. I know from my firewire express card that the express slot hotplugging does not work properly, so I plug the card...
  24. [kubuntu] Re: Night mode color temperature (F.lux or Redshift) for KDE ?

    Thanks for your help ! Command line xflux works fine under KDE - the only sad thing is that it is not open sourced (yet).
  25. [kubuntu] Re: Night mode color temperature (F.lux or Redshift) for KDE ?

    Tried it already. The KDE showstopper is that it depends on gnome-settings-daemon running:
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