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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Can Ubuntu be easily removed from PPC if ...

    hey, can you please let me know if the partition worked for you, I have a PowerBook G4 too, and I already installed Hardy on it... erasing MacOS, but I think I wanna have both of them too, mainly...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Desktop Effects on macbook pro?

    why don't you try one of these:

    for a 64-bit system:

  3. [all variants] Re: Alternative way to middle/right mouse-click!

    Friend, I've been trying to install the package you developed, but I can not do it. Im totally new with the ubuntu environment, I've never used a Linux system before... so that might be the problem...
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    [ubuntu] New to Ubuntu, and linux environment

    I'm moving to Linux, i share the idea of ubuntu.

    But, im having a hard time to get it to work properly.

    First my specs:

    Powerbook G4, 12 in, 60GB HD, 512 DDR1 RAM, Airport Extreme Wifi....
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