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  1. [ubuntu_mate] Re: Should I move to an HWE kernel from a General Availability kernel? is the version of the linux-image-generic-hwe-18.04 package. Not the actual kernel package.
    linux-image-generic-hwe-18.04 is like a meta package, all new kernels are linked to...
  2. Re: Update errors after installing cross toolchain

    Please post the sources.list

    Edit: Also, it seems all your nvidia github repository keys are either broken or out of date.
    Looking at the repository instructions here (as an example of one of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Apt Update Indicator

    I run this line for rc clearings

    dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' | xargs sudo apt purge -y
    Note that rc is funny as it does not actually mean residual config, but it actually refers to two...
  4. Re: Update errors after installing cross toolchain

    I would.
    First I'd backup the original.
    Then just make a new sources.list with the github entries.

    What is the entry you tried adding?
    It requires all proper fields to be correct for what their...
  5. Re: Update errors after installing cross toolchain

    No arm packages in main, you need to change the sources to reflect that.
    The arm packages from main are in the special ports repository.

    I think you need to set the main archives sources with...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Upgrade advice....previous attempt was terrible

    Release upgrades should be logged to the /var/log/dist-upgrade directory,
  7. Re: After recent updates display and wi-fi is lost

    Sorry, I should have made clear the security links are just for reference of what major packages were upgraded around the time you started getting your issues.
    Nothing more to those than that.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Snap-store and Chromium don't open

    Duplicate thread
    See other here:

    Please do not post multiple threads on the same subject.
    Thread Closed.
  9. Re: Apparmor preventing bashtop from working properly

    I'd try removing it and the snap/bashtop directory in home and try starting over.
    Also is there anything special about home or your file system layouts, like over NFS or something else?
    As things...
  10. Re: Apparmor preventing bashtop from working properly

    Did you see the recommendations to run in snap info bashtop?

    **Once installed, run the following commands so the snap will function as

    `sudo snap connect...
  11. Re: Problems with keys while trying to install Wine

    This key seems to be breaking everything.
    Removing that key should get things back, though you'll probably need to try to add it again for whatever repository needs it.
  12. Re: Focal Fossa updates - unattended upgrades dialog - nothing happens

    What symlinks?
    Can you give an example.

    What renamed new files did it produce?

    And /var/history.log is non-existent,
    did you mean /var/log/apt/history.log?
  13. Re: After recent updates display and wi-fi is lost

    Makes sense.
    I see there were kernel and xserver (display server) security updates around that time.
    So probably some issue with those updates.
    Here's the security notices for those updates:...
  14. Re: What version (bit) do I need? 32 or 64?

    The command only outputs the arch for the running kernel, not the actual cpu architecture.

    To add,
    You can look at

    for better output of the processor and it's capabilities.
    Should have...
  15. Re: After recent updates display and wi-fi is lost

    What does that even refer to?
    I have no idea what 31.8-2.9 2020 or 30.8 are.
    Some context of what those mean would help to understand.
  16. Re: What version (bit) do I need? 32 or 64?

    You're running a 32-bit kernel on a i3 machine which should be 64-bit capable.

    Going forward, much like Ubuntu linux systems are slowly dropping 32-bit, so you'll have to run 64-bit eventually....
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    Re: Canonical Problem

    Is this over a VPN, maybe?
    for possible insights.
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    Re: Low Sound Quality

    Duplicate thread
    See other thread here:

    This thread is now closed
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    [xubuntu] Re: Bluetooth troubles

    Probably start with the seeing the output for

    just to get an idea of what the dongle is.
    Please post the results.
  20. Re: Try to install Zoom on 14.04 but the text of own icons software dont appear.

    Why such an old release?
    Lubuntu 14.04 has been more or less unsupported for years.
  21. [SOLVED] Re: How do I give permission for the camera to work with skype?

    Probably depends on which skype version was installed.

    If from Ubuntu it's probably the snap version, which if it is, you can set snap permission is the Software Store's skype page.
    (A permission...
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    Re: Linux Kernel Issue

    So have you tried grabbing the package from the mainline archives I linked to?
    I would try a reinstall first, if possible.
    otherwise removal can be quite a task....
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    [ubuntu] Re: LivePatch Error: Server Status 500

    So bumping this as a new livepatch has come through for the first time in a long while.
    If you check

    sudo canonical-livepatch status --verbose
    is it still erring out or does it show the patch...
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    Re: Linux Kernel Issue

    Okay, so looking at uktools it can do updates and removals of development mainline testing kernels.
    I wonder what kernel you are on currently:

    uname -a...
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    Re: Linux Kernel Issue

    Outside of possibly a development version package 5.8 is only available from the Ubuntu kernel mainline packages.
    So should be able to grab it from here:...
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