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    Re: Java in Maverick Meerkat
  2. [SOLVED] Re: How to add thunderbird to the indicator applet instead of Evolution mail?

    This worked for me, including message count and changed icon etc:

    Now I really would like to know how...
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    [other] Re: pidgin background color

    Here's how I did it to better work with the theme from Ubuntu Satanic:

    ~/.purple$ cat gtkrc-2.0
    # Create a style called "satanic" where the text and base colors can be set:
    style "satanic"
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    [ubuntu] Re: Transmission and UFW

    Old post, but it seems to be working in Jaunty, transmission sees the port as open.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Network Manager 0.7 and Novatel XU870

    Thanks guys, it was the pin alright when I had the exact same error. I put the SIM in a phone and removed the PIN and then it works. Has anyone seen a bug for this or should we file one?
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    Re: Automatix and Ultamatix discussion thread

    Please don't spread false information. It may not have broken anything for you yet, perhaps never will, but the code specifically states, by being written, that it will break things. Whether it will...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Avant WIndow Navigator Problems

    I don't seem to have that plugin and I can't find it in the repos either, am I missing something obvious? Thanks! :)
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't play music

    Sound disappeared for me today after some updates (didn't really scan them, Firefox -security rebuild as among them, last update I made before this one was probably thursday or friday). All of it. No...
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    [ubuntu] Re: tutorials/how-to for ciso?

    If you just type 'ciso' in the terminal, it prints a short explanation.
  10. [all variants] Re: Did a Firefox 3.0b + Flash workaround ever surface?

    It also results in crashes for a large percentage of users, you could at least mention that... it's the reason libflashsupport was removed, after all: crashes are worse than no sound. It works for...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Hardy: No sound in flash. No side mouse buttons.

    Current flash status in Hardy:

    swfdec is compiled without pulseaudio support (and draws tons of CPU with bad quality). No easy workaround.

    flash from adobe needs libflashsupport installed but...
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    Re: What do you feel about PulseAudio?

    Tried this. Just as the libflashsupport in the repos, it brings back the frequent crashes for any flash content. So that's no fix, or rather, for those lucky enough to not have crashes from...
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    Re: What do you feel about PulseAudio?

    Pulse in itself has been fantastic for me. It has worked at every turn, no problem. Two issues has come up: flash, which did work perfectly and stopped around Firefox beta 5 (first crash, then...
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    [ubuntu] Re: no sound in flash

    Yeah why indeed? What is your guess? Malice? Incompetence? A mix of both?

    Or, you could just take a peek at the relevant bugs to get the answer. libflash currently causes lots of hard crashes for...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Annoying grey play button (how to remove)

    swfdec also does that, if you are using instead of the Adobe plugin. Yep, it decides for you how you should browse the web. And no, you can't change it.
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    Re: What do you mean Wubi doesn't suspend? =)

    NTFS, it's a HP 2710p laptop that came with Vista Business preinstalled (work, you know).
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    What do you mean Wubi doesn't suspend? =)

    Hello, just read this:

    It says that suspend and hibernate doesn't work in Wubi installations - lucky me that didn't read that, because I've been using...
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    Re: Heads up: remove 3G dongle before rebooting

    How can I do this the easiest way, now that I have gotten it to work? It only gives this failure on the install boot, when it's properly installed I can have the dongle inserted with no problem.
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    Heads up: remove 3G dongle before rebooting

    Just sharing in case someone else has this problem. :)

    I had a lot of problems trying to install Wubi from the Alpha 5 CD and none of the posts here seemed to be helping.

    What happened was that...
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    Re: New Linux Interface Ideas.

    About points 1 and 2: Vista has something similar, but rather goes the way of the buttons with arrow buttons in between. Looks really good and (IMO) much more discoverable. And with a good button...
  21. Re: If you could Game on Ubuntu, Ubuntu would take over the world.

    Nope, not at all. That is not a problem, especially today when what is cool is mainly decided on Youtube. ;)

    It's just an enormous effort, and generally people don't have the time. It's also very...
  22. Re: If you could Game on Ubuntu, Ubuntu would take over the world.

    To prove that there are enough gamers willing to buy - which is eaxctly what I've been talking about - there must actually be enough gamers willing to buy. That is not the case today, at least that...
  23. Re: If you could Game on Ubuntu, Ubuntu would take over the world.

    Cedega is not open source, even though they started out with the WINE code base once. And it does not use the "traditional" open source support model, either. The "real" one is taking money to make...
  24. Re: If you could Game on Ubuntu, Ubuntu would take over the world.

    Woa. Lots of stuff there Yfrwlf, and a few misunderstandings, at least IMO:

    * There is no lack of API or engines today. Tools also for the most part. Unless you are trying to run a completely free...
  25. Re: If you could Game on Ubuntu, Ubuntu would take over the world.

    Any discussion is valid, per se, but it pays to do some research if it's gonna lead anywhere and not just waste everyones time. Some starting points: Has the subject been up before? What was the...
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