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  1. Re: From Knoppmyth to Mythbuntu without loosing LVM

    It is LVM2, ext3. I was able to reenable it using vgchange -ay and adding it to fstab. I had to install LVM2 first of course. Thank you.
  2. From Knoppmyth to Mythbuntu without loosing LVM

    I want to move from Knoppmyth to Mythbuntu but I have some concerns. I currently have a 1.3TB LVM with recordings, movies, and music using about 350 GB. The / partition is only 4.7GB (Knoppmyth's...
  3. Sticky: Re: Please post your Functional/Non Functional Hardware

    CPU: AMD64 AM2 3800
    RAM: 2 GB Crucial Balisitc
    Video Card: EVGA 7600GT 512MB
    HD: 3 500 GB SATA3
    Tuners: Twinahn 102G, Avermedia A180 HD
    Sound Card: X-Fi Elite Pro, onboard sound

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