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    Re: HD5750 - which AMD driver to use?

    I've got an HD7770 and the proprietary drivers are head and shoulders above the open source drivers, especially with Wine.

    However, your GPU has been around longer so the open source drivers might...
  2. Re: FTL crashes to login screen when launched through steam.

    This fixed worked for me, as well. It's worth a try, and easily reversible.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Need help diagnosing random crashes.

    That storage controller's missing driver is probably the problem with boot time. Just right click it and reinstall the driver from device manager if you can, otherwise go here and manually install...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Need help diagnosing random crashes.

    Interesting. You did an upgrade from Vista to 7, not a fresh install I see.

    MsMpEng.exe is used by Windows Defender for Windows Vista. It's not used in 7 as far as I know, but it's not obtrusive...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dual-Booting with Windows

    Aha! There's your problem.

    Your Dell Inspiron is a BIOS PC. That means that no matter what version of Windows you install, Windows cannot and will not boot from a GUID Partition Table (GPT)...
  6. [wubi] Re: problem with dual boot (probaply envolving wubi)

    Duh! Been a long day...

    Try pressing F5 prior to the operating system loading. Depending on your computer, it will bring up a diagnostic screen with several options. One of the options is to...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Triple Booting after format

    Have a look at your partition tree before you proceed. There might be hidden or irremovable partitions and HDDs can only support 4 primary partitions.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dual-Booting with Windows

    Would you mind providing us with a little more information?

    If you're comfortable, open your terminal in Ubuntu and type

    sudo fdisk -l

    Then post the partition tree of your HDD it displays so...
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    [SOLVED] Re: how do we fix this one

    Did you do an upgrade over a fresh install?

    I will occasionally (once or twice per month) run into this. Just logout and log back in (don't even shut down) and it should go away. Haven't seen...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Need help diagnosing random crashes.

    Hi there. I'm an A+ Certified Tech with expertise in Windows OS.

    First, let me establish that while the tools included in "Windows Tune-Up Tools" like CCleaner, Glary Utilities, etc are useful...
  11. [wubi] Re: problem with dual boot (probaply envolving wubi)

    Hi there. From what you're describing, your problem isn't grub at all.

    Do me a favor and run this command in your Ubuntu terminal.

    sudo fdisk -l

    This code will display your partition tree...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: After installing Oneiric, Windows will not boot

    Thank you for quoting that! I originally linked to something else that was bootable but didn't erase that part.

    I fixed it in my post. EasyBCD is not bootable, it is a Windows program. It's...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: After installing Oneiric, Windows will not boot

    Yeah I'm actually an A+ certified tech with a love for UNIX. Ironically I fumble in DOS compared to Shell. :P

    The pirated version for startup recovery shouldn't be problematic at all so no...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Trying to get Ubuntu to boot on laptop with dead onboard graphics.

    Bah, was hoping they were lazy and just crammed it in.

    I did have another suggestion, but I'm afraid I've had to swap it for a new one. I went back and saw a part my brain apparently just...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: After installing Oneiric, Windows will not boot

    Hi. Can you show me your partition table? I'd like to have a gander at how your HDD is arranged.

    Also can you take a picture of your BSOD? If not can you get me the hex codes and the summary...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Trying to get Ubuntu to boot on laptop with dead onboard graphics.

    The m8400 might not be removable depending on how it's placed. If it is, try stuff! I wouldn't do it in this order. xD

    -Both m8400 and HD5670 use PCIe x16 slots. See if you can't jam the 5670...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Please help - missing terminal and everything else in 11.10 install

    Wait... what?

    Are you trying to remove a terminal or find one? Can you boot all the way to your desktop? Where are you having trouble?
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Screen Resolution - Everything I have tried fails!

    Yup, it's your connection, not your GPU/drivers, TV, or computer.

    The gist is S-Video and the triple RCA it becomes can only output in VGA resolutions (4:3 aspect). The default and standard...
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    [ubuntu] Re: StarCraft graphics are messed up.

    It's probably just the curse of playing a 90's game on a modern machine.

    Try setting your machine to run in VGA (640x480) resolution and 256 colors. If you can't drop down to 256 colors, at least...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Trying to get Ubuntu to boot on laptop with dead onboard graphics.

    What does your BIOS have to say about your bolt-on GPU? Will it boot through if you disconnect the GPU and try it purely with your laptop's output?
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    [SOLVED] Re: Unable to Remove Ubuntu 11.10 or GRUB

    Actually, oldfred, that 100MB partition is just the bootloader. The recovery partition is labeled as such. <.<

    [SIDE NOTE] If you want to mount those partitions inside of Windows 7, from your...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Sound and display problem after update

    Define "upgrade" since that term is so generic, even around here. Judging by experience, I'd guess that you just upgraded the packages in 10.04 but I just want to make sure. :P

    If so, can you...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 11.10 Random Freezing

    You can see your GPU in System Settings > System Info > Graphics.

    Next time your system freezes, try CTRL + ALT + Backspace. That should be the key combo to restart X. If that unfreezes you,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: AMD Unsupported Hardware Watermark...can't fix this! Ahh!

    Replace that Thuban hexacore with a processor that actually gets decent benchmarks! If that thing were any more overrated it'd be the Twilight Movie in 45nm form.

    If I had to venture a guess, it...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Permission problem

    Try this instead.

    chmod +w /home/xbmc/MoviesNAS/

    Then try to create a folder.

    The easiest way to change permissions using chmod is to just tic or untic specific ones.

    +w allows write
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