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  1. Problems running X-Plane after upgrade to 11.10 64-bit

    Hi Folks,
    I recently did an upgrade from Natty to Oneiric Ocelot. My X-Plane 9 flight simulator was running just fine prior to the upgrade and now it won't even run the executable files. The...
  2. [ubuntu] jhat hat switch installation problems

    I'm a linux newbie who had an experienced friend get me set up with using jhat for X-plane. I just installed natty and I'm trying to do it again myself with no luck. I downloaded the jhat.tar.gz file...
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    Re: How to install Amazon MP3 app on 10.04

    Thanks! Worked great on my 32bit machine. Thanks for posting that!
    For my 64bit Lucid, this other post did the trick:
    Specifically, the post from...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: amazonmp3 still giving issues in 64 bit despite....

    Thankyou very much colin-m! Worked like a charm! Now amazonmp3 is working perfectly. The last three lines were the key.
  5. [SOLVED] amazonmp3 still giving issues in 64 bit despite....

    I am running 64bit lucid on my machine. I had a lot of fun getting X-plane working, but eventually did. Now I am working on the amazon MP3 downloader. I have read many threads on the topic. I have...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Drive Partitioner Is Blank

    Problem solved. I switched out the hard drive for another and the partitioner started working. I was initially using a WD Velociraptor, and switched it out for an older Caviar. Does anyone know if...
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    [ubuntu] Ubuntu Drive Partitioner Is Blank

    I just bought a new desktop. I want to set it up as a dual boot windows/ubuntu. I installed my copy of XP on it with no problems. When I ran the Ubuntu 9.10 amd64 installer, the drive partitioner...
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