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  1. [ubuntu] Can't watch a ".rm" video clip

    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to watch a video on the net. The file is called- "Reality_check_Alan_watt.rm" When I try to open it, I can hear it, but theres no visual. It then proceeds to ask me- "do u...
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    [ubuntu] Re: m4a file wont open ! =(

    ive installed everything you've asked me too from both replies, but it still won't work.... same error message. anyone have any ideas?
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    [ubuntu] m4a file wont open ! =(

    My friend sent me a email with a m4a formatted sound file attached. I tried to open it via gmail using ubuntu and it says this-

    /tmp/Sigma Nu Anthem-2.m4a could not be opened, because the...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Problem with konqueror web browser

    well god dammit... that's too bad.
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Problem with konqueror web browser

    can it be or does it have to be from the original flash folder ( Also, do you or anyone else have any idea where to direct this flash plugin to? ...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Problem with konqueror web browser

    I'm using 8.04 hardy. Sorry about the multiple threads, I just wish this would work, and have tried multiple times without any luck =( But, I know you mentioned to install "konqueror-nsplugins",...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: How do I install flash in Konqueror?

    sigh... I'm soo lost! Flash why won't you work!!? Help anyone? :( konqueror would be perfect only if flash could be installed and recognized
  8. [ubuntu] Re: need driver for a usb720 modem from verizen

    conveniently enough, I work for verizon, and actually sell these aircards to people all day long, so I think I can help you. For one, yes, they are not compatible with anything but windows. But, if...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: How do I install flash in Konqueror?

    Great, but unfortunately, it still doesn't work. I did this:

    sudo apt-get install konqueror-nsplugins


    sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree

  10. [ubuntu] How do I install flash in Konqueror?

    I can't figure this out. I feel like I should be able to install the flash plugin from synaptic, instead of having to dl flash from the website, but will Konqueror 4.0.3 recognize it? I also read...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: How do I install Flash plugin for Firefox and Opera?

    how do u install flash for konqueror browser?
  12. [ubuntu] How do I install flash for Konqueror web browser??!!

    Hey guys,

    When I try to access pandora for example, it says the flash plugin is not installed and asked if I would like to download it from the macromedia website. Is there any file I can...
  13. [ubuntu] Downloading Safari 3 for ubuntu hardy

    Hey when i go to to download safari's latest version (cuz ff3 is too slow), i dont see a linux version. Is there one? If so, where do I get it? Cuz when I click download, it looks like...
  14. [ubuntu] Equivelent to ctrl + alt +del in windows?

    Hey in windows, whenever stuff froze or an application had an error or just firefox had an error, i used ctrl alt del alot and it was a simple way to end a program. I now use ubuntu hardy, and love...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: How do I know if I have the latest firefox version?

    Is this the version that was released today?

    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv:1.9) Gecko/2008061017 Firefox/3.0
  16. [ubuntu] How do I know if I have the latest firefox version?


    I have ubuntu 8.04 and obviously it came with firefox 3 beta 5 on it. But, since the official new upgrade to firefox 3 is available today, I was wondering how I would figure out if ubuntu...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Can I install and play starcraft with ubuntu?

    Yea, I dunno guys.. When I click multiplayer, then battlenet, it freezes and won't get past that screen.
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Can I install and play starcraft with ubuntu?

    Really? Cuz I heard it works like ****; slow, lots of freezing, etc. GUess I'll see :)
  19. [ubuntu] Can I install and play starcraft with ubuntu?

    If so, how would I go about installing it? (I have no idea) It worked perfect when I ran it on windows, so hopefully it will on linux too. =) thanks
  20. [xubuntu] Re: FLASH/Macromedia/Video problem

  21. [xubuntu] FLASH/Macromedia/Video problem


    I just installed xubuntu 8.04 and trashed ubuntu because it was just to damm slow for my system. Thing is, now when I try to access sites like pandora, nyt or basically access ANY website...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: How to install starcraft in linux?

    why is it so ******* slow? it freezs mad style and it's slow as hell, like im running windows 95...
  23. [ubuntu] How to install starcraft in linux?

    I want to play my windows version of starcraft on linux, and I hear it can be done. Do I need a special program to run it properly or what?
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    [ubuntu] Why do cd's skip in Amarok??

    Any cd that works fine in my car and on other computers, when played in Amarok, works like ****. It skips sporatically... I know for sure the cd's are not scratched and are in perfect condition. ...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Opera 9.50b will NOT download

    Or what if I go to, go to downloads, click versions.

    Will either of these versions of opera work?
    1)linux sparc
    2) linux powerpc
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